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Oral History Interview: O.B. Streeper of Chenoa


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O.B. Streeper served with the Army Air Corps from March 1943 to September 1945. He was shot down May 27, 1944, over southern France. He parachuted to safety, and joined the French resistance. During one of the missions that he participated in, a bag was accidentally left behind contained his name and some of his identification. After finding this bag, the Nazis were apparently convinced that Streeper was one of the key figures in the French resistance so they offered a large reward for him—large enough that it represented several years of salary to an average French citizen—so Streeper had to distance himself from some of his colleagues in the resistance for fear that someone might turn him in for the reward money.

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    today is Thursday April 3rd 2008 I am I
    I am a driveway I’m saying I’m interviewing obese stripper for the veterans
    history project of the Library of Congress American Folklife Center
    we are at Studio X Campbell Hall in Urbana Illinois
    Henry Radcliffe is the director of lighting sound and camera
    I like you too


    what you to start by telling us what you were doing as the war began and how you came to join them
    join the armed services well and the time in the world
    began I was working at Eureka Williams
    which resort in North America time is a machinist and
    then I come up for Grafton
    when they ask me what my occupation was I didn’t tell her mother mystery tour
    head of I wouldn’t got here and I went into service and I wandered into Rangers


    when I have finally got a part of the should know you’re going to be on an aircrew
    crew I thought I wanted him and her crew way around it anyway and
    send up a time they were getting ready to build a big push for the Air Force
    the start to destroy your sisters 1944 early 1940
    1040 1943 and
    so they decided that I would go dormant
    school and learn to take care of all the guns on aircraft with door stop


    and the gunnery school to be an aerial gunner on B 24
    and I flew the ball toward which hunger underneath and it was a very
    very interesting place to be for hours on end and
    50 caliber machine guns up beside my head about 6 inches is a reason
    I have little difficulty hearing you people know how but
    we went through with it formed as a complete group and where is formed up in my
    map in Mountain Home Idaho and one down two


    Fresno California finish face to face free and shipped out for
    North Africa stay there a little while and then move right up in the Italy Italy
    part of Italy is just falling Romo just ballin and
    then we started operations out of there is a flight crew so
    so have you flown bombing missions while you were in Africa no no just a lot of practice
    just a lot of practice and your whole crew and begun you cook first got together and
    weather in Idaho and then stay together all the way to all the way through we had our own airplane


    nobody got that airplane only us and you know you see him now they
    different crews fly different airplanes know we had an airplane issue 2
    Lowes in California just before in Fresno just before we got ready to leave and that was
    that was our airplane and now we bought a real names on it
    are aircraft I had a couple name generator by one of the name but
    what are the basic name it was a miscarriage and
    everything had a string of you were to it everything that and I won’t even names


    name some of the name some of the aircraft girls name that was sent you the whole unit
    butta you’re living a different life you were living a life of
    what you wanted to our first mission
    Oceanway wonton was up to be hacked Yugoslavia and where to buy Marshall
    marshalling yard we were dropping 20 pound frogs eat
    Sharecraft word drop power 40 Plus 46 bomb star cluster
    and so sweet coming off the target in on everybody want to see


    what look like to hit the bombs into a month to get like that man a rolled a couple times just
    app jar very first mission which is a milk run we lost to be 24
    keyboards and 20 min information on it just kept every day every day
    everyday one day after another then would get in replacements and
    that went right up to it Wiz
    well you are back on the base whats ur when you were back on the base between missions where you living
    you living as a crew in the same hot or how what was the condition their hair out


    we have a terminal Tampa in one of those SquarePants
    and 6 unless the ban lifted man and then down a little ways was off
    officers chance but nobody paid attention to officer down our place with
    wheels up to theirs and we had a social club
    and the Social Club is not like they show on television everybody together
    dealer beat 109 to buy a Kindle app and it going on your have 10 man here 10
    10 man heroic 10 man here in your hood come in go like that


    go s*** out of your table and you guys have a moderately drink you didn’t drink me
    you did not drink everyday because your life depend on the next day or the next
    the next day after that so your turn
    you didn’t want to know the other crew because they aren’t going to be there tomorrow
    what you mean I ain’t going to be there tomorrow you’re probably going to be there but we’re going to be here
    so that was a philosophy used to keep your mind straight
    they’re going to lose him but we’re not we’re going to make it and


    we would get raped and
    bizarre Bazaar daylight message yes all day like
    and we would get briefed on the target list of an officer vallego
    same time and what you’re expecting online
    inline Aflac what your expecting in the fighter
    attack and what
    type of cover where you’re going to have firefighters


    the only thing we had recipe 47 to send p38 P 51
    is practically nonexistent the time we were flying and a 47 Chevrolet app
    delay a prayer about 40,000 feet fighter that come down on top of the fire
    The Fighter Alpha fight and
    the it didn’t work quite like they like to make it out
    how is your work going in the fighters your might see anywhere from 10 to 50 of mouth
    wglr more rounder for spots in the sky called the sky was completely full of


    polar bear crap but they weren’t bothering you there were looking for the first regular the first going to started
    treylan smoke first one it was starting to fall back to sleep a lot
    PayPal out man I have a maid come in groups of 5 like that
    YouTube down get down and maybe that get people out of their crap maybe they would
    who is really hard to say and then but as long as you stated
    stayed in tight formation spider didn’t like the pool with you because he was too many 50 caliber machine gun
    guys going to fire on them you never know who shot down watercraft when your prego


    are there a spot of aircraft heat gun H aircraft got a tattoo
    8 to 10 guns fire know who done the song that can get to be a good war store
    if you want to push it and then your wedding
    hit the target and it would go in
    would go in with jelly going around from 19020 1000 feet
    and the nose gunner and holler bomb bay doors open
    he will be watching the next group next group ahead museum bomb bay doors come up


    come up bomb bay doors open so that Bhama deer head over her mom
    radars hand held how many feet is going to drop h-bomb apart
    stuff like that but didn’t use a site where Norton bombs it never used North bomb site
    rebound off of the leader crafts and pretty soon
    Trinity bombs away and I go there they go and
    sometimes I hit the target sometimes you miss the target but every time with Mr
    target I figured we made some Christians down there anyway and then


    then we turn and make a sharp turn and try to lose altitude very rapidly to get out of the
    can when is going in on target the only thing you could do with hair on it
    turn on a straight IP you are at once or tonality Road one certain speed and
    what was that show the placard beater Mendes and
    soon as you dropped then then I’ll be back to make a turn get down
    and when you come out of the plakton the fighters to be out there looking at you
    first one has seen trail in fire or smoker philodendron


    paper go in after it and I can world really pretty road get them
    an sometimes going in on a mission your developing
    develop engine trouble going in and you have to abort the mission head home
    well we’re the best luck yet not as long as you get the ground
    I got some pictures in my album of beam of 25 to 30 feet off the
    the ground and so the fighters couldn’t get under it couldn’t come down on your own
    man is straight in from the rear straight in from the front


    that was pretty suicide because he had 250 side of the back to fifties on top
    4922 West guns could get into him and
    but if you screw around out there much I stayed up I did get you
    Anna Fighters come in a try to help as much as I could and then ate after break
    after breaking hair dont and it
    so you’re saying with the United States fighter cover couldn’t cover you the entire
    vampire mission cuz they had no fuel problem dog in Phoenix AZ


    y’all have 25 P 47 is high and you’ll have a
    another i30 p38 s2 cover 223 groups
    and they’ll be coming in same outlet as you are and
    then border wars
    dogs out there I’m going to tell you I have seen war 1 P 51 tackle 35
    3 potters and down because 2 aircraft was heading home show
    shut up and


    really were fantastic they were fantastic and so
    roughly how often were the missions daily or every other day or how many
    flying two days and be off a day and flight 2 days and
    in your might I have to abort your mission because of bad weather
    and you would have your primary target
    when you have a secondary target you couldn’t get in on your primary target because of weather
    the primary to secondary target and then after that you could go for a car


    target of opportunity you don’t churches schools anything to get credit for a bomb in mansion
    no I shouldn’t say that because when pop something to look like it would be an honor
    Minimania installation of some kind
    I think you said there are 25 you had to be completed 25 missions you were completed one
    Lil Wayne tour is that correct yes I do want to explain how that works
    well life expectancy of a flight crew 16 missions
    and as I said before and you didn’t well on it


    the chances to get anybody out of an airplane with very very very slim very slim
    North Carolina just blow up and
    you’re welcome
    if you completed 25 missions then we’re you sent back to the States
    States or how to get your dog back to the States we got the 23 missions we got shot down on her
    so we went there by the 16 and we’re feeling real good
    good time to more missions are we got it made and then work out for that way


    what that way I wanted to talk where are you are you ready to talk about that 23rd mission
    Raptor mission went down on with a stone
    Mia pretty good mission was going to be by me not mirror niece France what’s
    what’s going into a Ju 88 Arizona parent they were given the shipping a lot of trouble would
    Ju 88 and 1
    after a couple days earlier and Black Watch Band nothing was too bad show with on board we got another
    another good one coming this time well I know its gonna hurt spotted black and


    looks like there’s about 6 maybe 8 guns next thing that hair place 35th
    shaking and you show me a non fire flu out there off the one wing what we find
    how I find out later than the last time was up there they put in
    iRadar control guns and they
    number for engine caught fire
    blue the tip of a wing off and it was a 75 gallon fuel tank Indiana
    the wing so it was strolling gas back and it hit the table


    and we actually lost one complete tale off a b24 and then there was no choir
    no question later up there and was headed out I was hoping to God we get over Lansing
    overwater I hope we get over land I just have no desire to jump in
    I know that water and where was fortunate
    will you got out and has a very rare that you ever got 10 minutes
    I’ve been hit me up on the side of the leg down in here
    and I didn’t know how bad it was all I know that my clothes are bloody


    and so we started jumping over land
    and I seen the center
    heal it right on the road and the Germans had a convoy coming up later stop
    optical center up in 40 minutes truck and what is daylight
    I was just this was during the day what time of day was this said you are your plans
    your plane went down what kind of what time of day I was a nice day
    good day sunshine today nothing special


    afternoon I went on at 10:10 in the morning okay and
    trouble if there were Germans had no trouble seeing your phone on a no trouble seeing
    and another one he broke both legs and you later
    there for 2 days what I found it and I forgot I was going to write down into
    and I caught an updraft my parachute cartoon
    McConnell raise me like that drop it down on the other side of the mountain is coming right down there
    founder of the top of the mountain and I got a paragraph to some kind of dropping on the other side


    reason I got to wait and when I
    hit the ground I’ll it on some big rocks drug me
    and I had a little trouble getting out of the chute stone you’re pretty good I can tell you that
    and while I was hanging up a couple looking at my legs and I could see blood
    blood coming over my boot and you know I can imagine history Cleveland
    I lost part of my leg or something well I did and
    so I got down there and I took a shower


    shot of morphine a couple Carlisle bandages on my legs and it wasn’t really there
    really that bad but I had my hip it was a piece of steel about like that in my hip
    and I could feel it show her you look and when you
    when you go down you have so little things in life I have a
    45 automatic I got the first aid kit I got the escape
    Kate get with a silk map to Justina my folder and
    I got a big knife leather jacket that’s it for you start


    start looking around and what what kind of salvage and I cut some
    custom nylon out of my pressure to make kind of a cover to cover up with some frontline
    Andam taking my morphine and I started
    target out and then I had to take more for me morphine I had about 15 stress or more
    and I took them all within 3 days and
    and I was going in to a little village
    and get myself up I was still in uniform I had unknown


    acts of violence or anything like that I was carrying a gun
    and I was poked is a 3 dollar bill
    and some old gal with a little kid grab me and push me back into the undergrowth
    I dont want and hell is that app when I laid there and I don’t know 5 10 15
    British owner Germantown boy German patrol goes by
    and holy God constantly and there an end to the most
    the most beautiful french girls come out got me got me up got my arms around them


    48 years later and they weren’t that beautiful women but anyway
    what happened last time I thought that is beautiful and they took me up
    in the assassin and
    Pommier he was on underground
    agent well I tried to speak English in Iran hello
    why don’t you speak English hello I’m trying
    and when your spoked up when your smoked on top of it scared to death


    suddenly moved me down a few miles to Lamont
    androMouse Edward the poem alone and he was a big wheel with you
    underground the monkey that was the Marquis and it was AF e5
    5 French forces of Interior and then there’s a lot of splinter groups and their last minute repeater watch
    watch your P’s and Q’s real good anyway they like me
    a light mean on a date with no anesthetic cut to black out of my hit me up with dirty
    dirty fishing string not you don’t think that


    straight make an ordeal well then and now
    and I have pictures of him they took me out there to town but where she kept me
    and some time later in the evening time if you can tie a tie
    hi anything to time when your doped up a motorcy
    motorcycle with a sidecar pulled up and machine gun was flopping around on the side car
    Dr pol down I was going to shoot him and somebody says no no
    and it was Edward and this Frenchman is stollen German


    German motorcycle and it got me up and put me into motorcycle
    and got me probably 20 maybe 25 miles out of this area
    hit me out Anna in a place and from then on extra
    just the way she kept a floating and you had been a double
    I believe in certain people serving people you could not trust
    you cannot trust him if I might ask you before you start talking further about the work what
    what happened to the remainder of your crew did you find out later yeah


    when was taken. PW immediately
    other broke both legs and then they got picked up
    shortly thereafter and abetting or he’s out of Union
    Union City Tennessee I was with him two and a half
    what half months later and we travel some together and Harold Steele
    and why should Delaware Zeppelin
    little brother north in France and I said down let’s get out here


    Otterbein accident right you should we leave tomorrow I’m leaving
    now I said it ain’t right there something wrong and I said down
    you know where I’m probably going to be well then he stayed before
    top 40 hours after I did the Germans related to place they would have killed me
    probably because I didn’t have any dog takes I hated dog bags
    I wouldn’t wear dog tags I’m in Bullhead it all my life why change now
    and anyway I work my way back down into southern France


    Branson they had a lot of ways our friendship very colorful you know
    and Edward he had quite a
    organization my help them blow up some bridges shrimp stuffing
    chances R Laurie have to look back and laugh that way
    picked up a bunch of British plastic to drop 22s on a rough area
    and we loaded in a truck and then hit the truck out the following day and then
    and then the next evening we went down to blow a bridge and


    what really blowing a bridge I don’t know the French side we’re going to go to bridge well
    well harrellsville met with me and there were six card
    charge air and heat steel tab 3 I took 3 and wine wine wine wine wine
    Wyoming its all over world why don’t they want to know if we know anything about
    explosives Navi ever seen an American didn’t know everything about anything
    first timer set an explosion on there
    Stonebridge is you don’t like this how to be a hundred feet above the water blow a hole by big


    Bob big enough to where im setting here so I took the rest of the Explorer
    explosive probably a ton and a half or so put it in the hole back the truck up on it
    porn and I was
    going to leave and go across the bridge
    pick up my Alpine bags and disappear while the French or German
    Cummins common rail blue to brick my package is on the other side
    I was in civilian clothes in my pack then


    who did the Germans service in understand I never seen
    never seen it I understand good sources there was built
    bill folds wrist watches everything off day 6 Germans showing their junk
    well then they wanted me real bad also I had a seizure
    3 Argus touch want to talk always pictures with anymore some of the French for thank God
    God the film was in my pocket of a French underground you don’t have the picture so so
    things got very very desperate after that they wanted me


    wanted me back I buy my friend I got you a head of yourself but when you were YouTube
    the bag that was across the river was discovered by the Germans then because yes
    yabba dabba do they film just the camera at self yeah ok
    can I take you back to a few days after you had landed and had that horrible surgery
    surgery you then join this unit yes I going up and I be
    be with me and I had trouble hiding places I had several hiding places
    I have some people that was I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for part of the French people


    they risked their lives the rest slides with her family 2
    do I keep me give me food they had no food or water
    what little they had they would give me and
    it was unbelievable and then you had
    moving around the country it was mine
    mind boggling you had a courier and maybe the courier would start out
    Alpine bank and they would tell you you follow them


    Alpine bike don’t get colostrum stay back history
    if I put the Alpine back down you set back way away from it
    when somebody else picture backup
    follow the bag and
    I adore you follow the bag long long long
    you were telling me some of those carriers were relatively young people yes
    young girl she was


    no I don’t know what I would but not big yet on
    insert my god I wouldn’t let her do the dishes or she knew the country
    country and I would follow her and she took me down to another group and then made
    medical courier maybe young girl may bbm on older men
    person and you just keep going then they had done different
    is signature if you would leave you somewhere and I wore a pair of rum
    Green knickerbockers apparel


    hobnail boots black
    what shirt and a sportcoat like this only was blue well
    I don’t know if I can do it correctly anymore but the idea was you would
    what kinda girl like that
    and you were standing there like this that was the Insignia
    that you are the man that are send a courier in to pick up so they would combine
    find bump you and you would follow and I sometimes


    is mind boggling the things that all went on and it was well organized
    niichts we had radio contact
    and I think they were in radio contact with Algiers
    cheers we would string wire antennas up in the trees in summer
    show me a French written did it I did it deep deep deep and
    Roberto lot of attempts to get me out of a lot of attempts
    I want to come up for the Harris game idea that is a summary


    want to come into the bay Submariner pick me up why
    why wasnt really not overly enthusiastic about getting on a submarine I should I got out of one airplane
    airplane but now I want to get a submarine what you’re never going to come up
    anyway they put me in a little wood boat that a bunch of fishing nets
    so they had me get underneath a fish in its a covered me all up your ass
    Corona roundup turn the bay looking for the submarine and her German
    German patrol boat rental spot lights all over now I’ve ever laid underneath a bunch of


    rapping fishnets it ain’t the most nice thing you’ve ever done but thank God
    god lord willing but no submarine showed up but there was a lot of stuff like
    stuff like that there went on what did the American people know
    what happened to you at work no all I know is missing in action
    and so your family doesn’t know nothing they might
    my wife got a telegram to inform you that
    sex art journaling the stripper is missing in action from mom


    enemy fire and letter will follow the never did you know
    another letter and
    me place
    place I stayed a lot I got a picture of the house and
    I stayed or I would say a mile mile and half out there in a little old stone house
    house that was one of my safe place I can come back to and
    and they would hang linen outfit winters


    laundry laundry was hanging out of old windows
    get out of here quick as the French would say part 38 on a mountain show your ship
    Shepherd ears and get out of there and it was all heavy under grow so I could disappear
    disappeared I got on a train I don’t speak French
    I had the papers and I supposed to be in a Swiss
    and I had TB and
    they photograph me to put her in there and


    Gundam what to get on
    get on the train and they told me that this person would get me a pic it and you
    and you do what they do they give me a ticket going to brush up against
    Tekkit she got ahead of me show them
    he looked at her and looked at them but ur back in pocket I come up to come out late I’m down
    bounty fetus at 1 work I was done right there and that’s after wood blown the brick show
    show that was a bad time to get caught anyway you never said nothing


    folded up for today in and went on a train trip was just a dream
    German or a and France was a Frenchman who is checking the papers are in German
    what’s the who is checking your papers a German soldier or refractor naughty French people made the papers
    can you check them on the trains
    trains are German soldier say they can speak French
    all I could do is see if I looked like you but I took you back to when you
    when you’ve been injured and recovered now I want to bring you back forward now as you’re working


    working with him are you going on missions before you blow that bridge have you done other missions yes yes
    Ashley Snipes some cars that was a road down
    down in there that bitch a cup of motorcycles with sidecars I had couple motorcycles behind
    Ministop car where you try to shoot a driver you should go crossed about 400 yards
    across the valley well for them to get through they had to come way down
    a down then come right up a steep air show 230v in fire
    all at the same time then you know where to move just lay there


    who is in the undergrowth then you start blacking out and then disappear
    we OBLA
    odds and ends of stuff and down they had
    things that went on I didn’t like
    french girl bald headed as I am
    p**** sex appeal to McDowell well they would get job
    french girl rising with the Germans


    and then shave her head and beat her up sometime you need to shoot them
    well I couldn’t go that route what the hell
    what the hell she wasn’t doing anything I get a little food for a family or something like that
    it was kind of the least of my worries and I did have a bad situation tanning
    buy me a pie mean Edward
    what the sky in to see me and he had a way to get me out going to get
    going to get you out any spoken English and you had at my pics


    going to get my new paper so I took my picture he be back in a few days
    with my new papers when the meantime I found out
    German collaborator it wasn’t trying to get me out what I was doing his get
    is getting paid to get me where the Germans get get me kind of pie can stay deep
    deep India FFI and Mikey territory
    my head pretty good protection and he shows back up and
    Edward told me that he’s a carburetor so he knocked on the door and I was


    standing on the side of the 45 automatic I should come in and see you around
    what are the fights that is how cheap life insurance
    when you were in that situation life is cheap there life
    life or your life and when they’re trying to couldn’t
    complain about Iraq soldiers that we have over there
    over there for shooting innocent civilians and stuff like that that is wrong
    because those people are collaborating and your life


    so I used a 100percent we never
    going to prosecute any American but that’s my personal
    personal opinion and it went on and on
    they finally invaded northern France and then they invaded southern France and
    and I made my way back and come out band around Puget NE
    Toni and Guy taken prisoner by the
    Americans and they ask me some questions about


    bowl games nice I don’t know nothing about football say I’m not going to let you just tell her
    color back quickly how did Highlanders are you taken prisoner by your own troops
    Stella’s how that happened what’s a colander fits your own people take you prisoner what was the name
    was the circumstances that event this like that I come out where you dress store
    sterle’s knickerbockers black shirt who did the raid on Hulu
    who do they think you were an blood nose ask a nurse miser hanging down
    underneath and not did you know they were


    they were young what they want and Maryland uniforms hours basically came today
    came to them and said Here I am yeah they just dumb challenge
    basically and icon answers
    baseball question to 100 hell if he can cuss like that he has to be in America
    and so I told him Myers extent of the story
    free mason take off peeling back in there for 3 months you sure you want to get along here alright
    alright and I


    walking down the street looking around and you know what this is nice
    nice to be free I seen a jeep go by and they had some officers in it
    truck jump in the Jeep and I thought they were going to shoot me and I was at sea
    ac air transport command and I told him who I wasn’t thinking
    bring it all my god who took me out to their barracks is all officer and I had to sleep in a major
    better cop that night and next day they got me on a flight to
    Italy and


    if the whole thing is just one episode after
    after the next after the next after the next no when
    during this period you just described the people in your original outfit no URL
    you are alive and when did your family learn nobody know nothing
    I got into Naples
    and being extremely hot head
    I couldn’t fly into berry that’s where I wanted to go into the headquarters


    tell the next day so I just said well I’ll go down
    Red Cross or wherever they may be hidden send a telegram home my wife
    I didn’t have no money Shih Tzu’s eyes are what might have been missing in action
    I don’t know you have work order doctors research paper I said you don’t have
    pay books and dog tags in your back and where I’m at and one thing led to another
    another and I guess I got pretty hostile and I heard someone behind
    behind me I turn around and it was a captain was a nurse and she said what’s your problem


    and I said I just been 3 months behind enemy lines are needed dirty
    won’t let him send a telegram for me should send a telegram
    telegram I pay for it so I sent my wife a telegram
    all the telegram you coded you can have a big hit on read down and side numbers
    16 happy birthday number 32 in love and kisses
    try picked up or 5 & I get a copy of my butt
    MacBook and my wife got it on her birthday


    birthday State Farm Bloomington Anna come to my
    my folks house they called her and said we got a telegram and
    now it’s for you and with a cancer mole bait
    show they said birthday greetings love and kisses all well
    and she just went spastic well
    at last on a couple days and they got a hold of the other mothers you know nobody
    hurt anything well then they took day of summer


    I put it in before I got shot down to send my wife a birthday greeting
    and they got their old and some of the other mothers couple days later they begin to get
    can I get some telegrams it was free weights for the government notify them that I had returned
    director of Duty and then I
    R&R long interrogation with the airforce and stuff ID scene photographs
    still had and
    so I hate God had a good time


    nurses they got me what kind of funny I just want to be with her
    should a big deldo the captain and stay the night I slide on Ohio
    somewhere only state you dont know youre not
    Hotel on my god Here I am up for nurses
    take me to the hotel and a good your so she
    when I don’t know they are transferred hotel I want to get out you know you should
    you stay here in the car so she made me stay in the car if you know what cause trouble to come back


    sexy girl gets picked up got your room so I went in there and went up the room and I said no
    I said now we’re going to put in the base we going to get you some clean clothes and underwear and we’re going to
    going to bring it back food menu talk about a part of you never see no
    but then the next day I had to move on went down to Bari Italy in
    interrogated and for about a week and then
    can men come back to my base and then I come home on a trance
    a transport it was a James Parker Building


    37 something like that and come into the United
    United States and got interogated and I will say
    will say one thing and its always stuck with my neck hurts alot on mother face
    how I got clean uniform and
    stripes song and they make sure I had my ribbons my Purple Heart Air Medal
    everything except a good conductor of an item at last Santa
    drivers wanted to say Hackensack New Jersey as up to camp shanks


    so I hitched hiked up my god you could buy a drink
    people couldn’t do enough for you and I got a great big party up there
    and this gal she says you’re like my my son
    and it was a kernel he was out with a provider group and hear this
    discarded as many time is down there so we had a big big time and I make sure I got
    sure I got back to camp shanks and union one of the early things I’ve done at 1 a.m.
    and I want to buy dollars worth of change nickels dimes quarters


    all of my over there paper money money money and always
    always want to get in to put my hand on her and running through a bunch of change play with your change in your pocket
    saw I got a quart of milk not sitting on the street
    street corner not on the corner right across the street
    drinking milk and people are just beautiful but that would hurt me
    route me to come back out of Vietnam and I have something to charge of duty in Vietnam was
    hundred 33rd ct. Target and what did they do with them they threw rocks


    phantom the damned draft dodgers with treated like heroes and
    anda the gighest or treated like dogs while didn’t happen ww2
    we were treated with extreme high honor so then I came home and
    didn’t do much just as a flight engineer
    modified b25 for a general and
    tandem massage Sioux City Iowa to Wichita Falls Texas
    what a good time but that’s about the end of the wonderful life so wonderful


    wonderful life that was that was what they had you doing until you were haha that was that was what you were doing
    you’re doing as a member of the service until you wear mustard out in September yeah ok
    just I couldn’t be sent to come by there I wanted to volunteer
    go back no we cannot go back to your asshoke ai want to go to the south
    South Pacific natural wonder going to first bike no you can’t your class is the spy
    how many times I got captured I would be shot
    so I was kinda like an unwed mother f you want the truth


    at the nobody really protect me he wanted to get to close to me
    and had a lot of fun and a lot of fun I like to see if there any other store
    stories you’d like to tell about the time you were with me McKay behind
    find life are you interested you from telling the time where you met up with another member of your crew
    Crow and then you made the decision not to wait around you want to tell us that story
    well that’s very end and I went ahead and back down first southern France
    France I got taken prisoner the next day or next morning


    early and he got sold out for a loaf of bread and
    is shrimp a couple years in prison work camp he was on that Death March
    Marcin alarm archam from all I don’t care crossed up into Germany
    and Benny still alive he’s down in Memphis Tennessee facts
    EPAct I’m going to stop by and see him in a month visit with him
    with a little bit now how many of the cell thats the stuff another member Yokoso


    so the other 8 people damage of them survive the war they come out of the war
    they did work how old ID off early how many were prisoners of war then
    4 and some I’m late
    blade blade back in and now nothing
    the nothing may God in different localities and butt
    but they were protected by the the local by the different local people
    and now how to pickle wood


    how was your experience as a crew compared to other crews that have been shot down where were you
    were you that accept Center where there other cases like the name pendant worth
    where you went down app
    going down over Yugoslavia you get shot down going
    going up to the target you love a beat the other crew back home had a wonderful life
    American supply in Landover pick you up and bring it back home but
    but anytime you got shot down over some good I can tell you that it was not good


    and summer
    just drifted off into the sunset baby
    maybe you’d say that their own
    really that was not too many our organization
    neck down why did you playing the two pens you have on your lapel and what those
    what those organizations are whatsapp why dont you explain what the tulip Alpins
    opens your wearing represent organizations around the top corner


    what is the order of the caterpillar
    there’s not too many of my own you have to jump from in
    airplane on a emergency
    the red tail on a caterpillar supposely indicate your plane was on fire
    Empire now Eddie Doolittle’s got it
    President Bush and President Bush’s father has got to get up
    caterpillar amount the New Yorker one here is the silver boot


    and a silver boot is the Air Force
    escapee abd organization society
    dabangg2 it you had to be shot down spend
    bend over a month behind enemy lines fighting with them underground
    or escape from a prisoner of war camp show the amount of
    airplane we lost and we got very very few people are very few


    then we’re going to vote if we’re going to have the next convention supposed to be
    in Philadelphia I believe but we don’t think we’re going to have it is not enough above select
    can I add my 19th birthday in behind enemy lines
    and I’ll be 40 and 40 L
    I’ll be at 5
    summarize the boggest so you could have been there much younger than I watch
    and so they’re going the loft at Granville off real bad


    how we have some old man on part of the crew where one guy in dark room and he was 31 years
    1 years old he was grand daddy and
    it was wonderful
    wonderful I had one brother was
    is there with the Pattons Armored Division downtown North African men
    app into France 1915 home in a body cast from news
    post delivery is arm pits and


    did Liam he died a couple years ago I had another brother
    brother that flew L force for the hundred 10th Field Artillery
    H & E
    Herrera very rough time of it but we all live through it
    have something to be proud of her all day then I’m the only one alive
    so we’re getting out and then what you got out
    Barbara McGrew with 55 crew


    cruise original cruise out of 55 Cruz 14
    one person got in always mentions he was shot down on its own
    last mission and blown out of the side of the airplane hits parachute
    he was always gunner airplane of blown in half he went out
    without irritating PW but I lost wish tremendous
    charmanders where you been up to thee
    lot of strange places what time we used to call


    sausage factory what are you guys going going up the sausage factory
    what is sausage Factor was one who started Austria
    and so they pull the curtain back and
    you say it was up for the sausage factory you can hear everybody outfits
    Yak and you can block that one out
    but that was the saying that went on and I was up to


    LSD couple times on
    up in a northern Italy bad are some bad places up in there and
    Bucharest Budapest and
    average mission and your talk about
    other people well I had a good friend
    Jerry Smith and it was a good rappers I am i single
    and he was shot down up in


    han he went back over there years later
    when they all jump I got hit it bad I jumped I am going to Baylor
    bail out and they are playing a cemetery just like that
    get a downstairs Cemetery nobody in it then it is snowing or anything and he said he knew
    Teddy never could find out what happened to his nose gunner tried and tried
    tried and tried to find out what happenes nose gunner so I have some people learn


    iron did anybody ever see his nose gunner an
    oh come with us come with us and talking down about a four story house
    Hotel Indian man hotel bar stuff in it
    there’s a picture on the wall and it blew on aircraft
    blow up I blew the nose start out a whole tour guns everything went out and he
    Sohee tumbledown from about 20000 feet
    went through the roof third floor second floor in a company


    the second floor it bust it open and throw him out and then it went in
    basement he’s got a picture of it he’s dead of course
    what is hanging by his parachute like this oper broken timber right in front of the bar
    is a big beer tapper there any says you worst part of this is his name was Brewer
    millionaire stories not when I’m starting
    starting down there on the 23rd and
    Georgia to art convention double all kinds of


    reminiscing all get together and drinking a little pop with foam on top
    oppan start reminiscing and down and you’ll hear some wonderful
    wonderful story I know true or true hand down
    I am so these emissions from your base
    survey says sound like there alot more risky than the ones that were flying out of Britain
    at the same time are flying out of where about Britain from the front
    where they were same risk and everything cuz I know difference


    most of the outfits in Italy were b24
    most of Moldova England or be 17 and 24
    and the shore is the same as South Pacific or wherever it may be
    the stories are the same you got an airplane
    I told you worry is going you went up there if you made it back that night
    yeah warm place to eat and sleep and some good food and next day is going
    is going out again and they had hard targets


    we had hard targets there’s quite a rivalry between 224th and a beat
    can you be 17 and a beat in the b-24 man
    iCall b17 used to be’s what you mean to be all there
    they were to be here when we left the beer and we got back and they felt the same way
    but its all good good friendly rivalry and I both
    airplanes we could carry up heavy R bomb load
    we could fly faster make it fly higher


    and I could take more abused we could not take my tribulus
    and when you were around
    your hair in a pony for the wings
    the wings have a tendency to break off and another
    another great tendency to get hit bad news angency Start Waller and like this
    and then I’ll drop and then there were none flat spin map in Japan against the floor
    deplorable what your normally being silly penny up in there and you can’t get out


    and and back the joint
    224 was known as the water be that was a reason because s*** flip on a bike
    but they don’t know
    Lada lot of damage and I’m on 30th and
    don’t never be another
    I love you call the wonderful war or what but there never be another
    time like it and then the dog face he suffered


    tremendously we didn’t have all the stuff suffering that
    we had
    . Place to eat and sleep dog face he didnt ed K rations
    sleep no rain or snow in the month and still got shot and died
    where is no pleasure
    blessing thing but you’d come out with a lot of respect and I’m going to tell you one thing up
    approved it don’t ever touch an American flag if I’m around it


    you’re going to have a fight but I don’t give a damn how many people are there in the middle of it
    can I get have one left when your glory of my life and if we don’t all
    all feel that an American flag is the greatest singer in the world
    then we have no business being here and I hope
    I hope that anybody see this well give great honor not to me
    Khmer hell I made it come on out I’m alive made a good success of life
    iPad 4 come out all young lad that was


    that was in Korea Vietnam
    and over there in Afghanistan Iraq
    need the encouragement and a great respect for the American people
    Anna Gunn always stand up and so I don’t want to go by
    because they Donner Party
    and we might they talk about it death toll in


    Iraq 4000 over half of them
    when was in a bottle be like I got drunk fell out of the upstairs window or something
    but there was a lot of mucus killed and want to move it but how
    how many men did we lose on VJ Day I’m going to be today in Beijing
    D Day how many men did we lose power zones how many we lose an eye
    is an NGO in Salerno thousands so our world
    Lancers Ben minimal


    and I I won’t justify the
    Iraq and I won’t condement neither one it was a job
    jobs at our superiors decide he should be done and I
    and it was done you taking shorts golf you take colon Powell
    you’ve never heard them say one or three word about a ninja score
    you never heard them say one word about their commander in chief
    because they were a real soldier and they don’t know what they supposed to do


    H&M shoes step back in civilian life and death
    we have a hero and believable and I’m sure as hell not one up
    I might have the Purple Heart Medal 4 times but that
    dont mean anything that would just have many more points to get out of the circus song
    well I rather disagree with your comments are not a hero but that’ll be a discussion for another day
    another day I want to thank you for giving us the story today are there any other
    other. So you wanted to make before we ended the interview I don’t believe so


    I would say that alright it was kind of a
    personal thing all the way through and it was fun
    when we were in Fresno California we had fun when we was in Mountain Home Idaho
    we had fun it’s like when you send a picture of everybody standing beside ear
    airplane land and water parachutes on and the Kaplan praying for a safe
    Faith Mission when I couldn’t even get an airplane with the band parachute on and that was the
    impression it wanted


    they want to leave with mothers and stuff menu send a picture of a bunny standing up
    relieving himself and everybody throwing rocks at it that is the true story the winner
    so will a lot of fun at a lot of fun and not just a
    I just about a possible thank you thank you for your service and World War
    ww2 and thank you for being willing to come and tell us about it today I appreciate that and soul
    the rest of us I appreciate it in the invitation and I appreciate
    appreciate not for me but for all the other servicemen from ww1 write on


    who do the aisle Rockton there let them
    its not one is all of us and
    Patton had on a little longer
    saying he said about the American always want to fight and you don’t
    so sore what’s going to happen when your kids get growing up
    what your daddy do in the war East Cooper shutdown Alabama
    you said you want to be a combat map


    a drink that was a genius who had a lot of wonder
    wonderful officers all the way through and
    just been a memorable time
    Charlie has thank you I’ll be thank you