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WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - March 07, 2013

Yvette Johnson-Walker on Animal-Born Viruses


(Duration: 8:30)

Since the movie Contagion, I've been terrified about the idea of viruses jumping from animals to people. As Yvette Johnson-Walker tells us, it's already happening. She talks about two diseases that have become common in household pets in Illinois - tularemia and Rocky Moutain spotted fever. Dr. Johnson-Walker is speaking on a panel about global health tonight at the U of I veteranary school.

Categories: Agriculture, Animals

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - March 05, 2013

NPR’s Marilyn Geewax on the Sequester


(Duration: 9:54)

With sequester cuts and furloughs beginning to roll out this week, some are wondering if Illinois is being hit harder than other states. There's the $33.4 million cut to education spending, the $6.4 million hit to clean water initiatives, the 14,000 furloughed defense jobs, and the list goes on. Marilyn Geewax, a senior business at NPR in Washington, joins us to discuss the cuts, and the next big financial crisis on Capital Hill - the dreaded continuing resolution.

Categories: Economics, Politics

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - March 03, 2013

“The Sequester Will Affect People you Know”


(Duration: 8:28)

Without a budget deal, $85 billion in automatic budget cuts will begin to take effect.

Earlier this week, we looked at the political situation around the sequester. Now, the economic impact. While some legislators say the automatic budget cuts won't be as bad as the President is suggesting, economist Elizabeth Powers warns they might be worse than expected. She joined us to discuss how the sequester will impact Illinois.

Categories: Economics, Government
Tags: sequester

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - February 27, 2013

An Evening with Jonathan Richman


(Duration: 10:52)

Singer Jonathan Richman rolls through the midwest this week.

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Richman is coming through Illinois this week. Alex Molotkow, the senior editor of Hazlitt Magazine, joins us to discuss Richman's career and to pick out three of his most essential songs.

Categories: Art and Culture, Music

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - February 21, 2013

The Future of Conceal and Carry


(Duration: 4:24)

Illinois gun advocates cheered last year when the Supreme Court ruled that the state could not ban concealed weapons.

As of right now, Illinois is the only state in America without a law regulating concealed firearms. Last year, the state tried to ban so-called 'conceal and carry,' but the Supreme Court judged the law unconstitutional, and ruled that Illinois had to pass a law, any law, on concealed firearms within 180 days. With the three months almost up, Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking for more time. Law professor Brannon Denning - once of Southern Illinois University, now at the law school at Samford University in Alabama - explains why a law is necessary. Without one, concealed weapons in Illinois will be totally legal.

Categories: Criminal Justice, Law

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day with the Poetry Foundation


(Duration: 7:49)

E.E. Cummings, one of the poets featured on the Poetry Foundation's list of notable odes to love.

There is such a wealth of art about love - romantic, unrequited, familial, heartbroken - that it would seem almost impossible to catalogue it all. The Poetry Foundation in Chicago is making an effort - they've created a list of almost 100 notable love poems for Valentine's Day. Catherine Halley, the editor of the Poetry Foundation online joins us to go over some of her favorites.

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - February 08, 2013

The University of Illinois Teams up with China


(Duration: 8:44)

The Confucius Institute may be coming to the University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is proposing a joint venture with the Chinese Department of Education to set up a Confucius Institute, for the study of Chinese language and culture. There are institutes like this at colleges all over the Midwest, but they are also controversial. Some people are uncomfortable with working so closely with the Chinese government, while more conspiracy minded people believe the institutes are a covert form of spying. Wolfgang Schlör from the university joins us to discuss the proposal.

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - February 07, 2013

The State of the State of the State


(Duration: 8:26)

Pat Quinn delivering last night's State of the State address.

On Wednesday, governor Pat Quinn gave his annual State of the State address. Critics say that what it lacked in specifics, it made up for in platitudes. Columnist Tom Kacich of the Champaign News-Gazette walks us through what to expect during the next legislative term.

Categories: Politics

WILL - The Afternoon Magazine Archive - February 05, 2013

Is Gay Marriage Coming to Illinois?


(Duration: 7:18)

The logo for ILove, a group advocating for marriage equality in Illinois.

Earlier this year, state senator Heather Steans introduced a bill during the lame duck congressional session that would legalize gay marriage. She didn't have the votes, and then the term expired. Now, with the Democrats firmly in control of the state house and senate, she's putting the bill up for another vote. But its passage is not a sure thing. Steans joined us to discuss her bill, and working with Republicans.

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