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The board of the Illinois Teachers Retirement System, which serves more than 400,000 teachers outside of Chicago, voted to lower its expected rate of return on investments Friday in Springfield.
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August 26, 2016

Illinois’ Pension Payment Expected To Increase By $400M

Illinois' contribution to the state's largest public-pension fund is expected to increase by more than $400 million next year after the board overseeing the account, trustees with the Teachers' Retirement System, lowered its expected rate of return on investments. The move could lead to higher taxes or massive cuts to education and social services.  Gov. Bruce Rauner says this could have a devestating impact on Illinois' current budget structure.

Mike Frerichs
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August 26, 2016

New Law Makes Insurance Companies Find, Pay Beneficiaries

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed legislation to force insurance companies to locate beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance policies and pay them money they're owed. Democratic Treasurer Michael Frerichs says his office has identified more than $550 million in unpaid benefits owed to Illinois residents.

 In this April 28, 2015 file photo, former Tribune Company CEO Dennis FitzSimons who is part of the group, Independent Map Amendment speaks at a news conference in Chicago.
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August 25, 2016

Illinois Redistricting Referendum Won’t Appear On Ballot

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled a voter referendum seeking to change the system Illinois uses to draw political boundaries is unconstitutional, meaning it can't appear on the November ballot. Gov. Bruce Rauner responded Thursday, saying the decision "does nothing to stem the outflow or change people’s views of how the system is rigged and corrupt."

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ART/BTS wins 2 Tellys

For the second year in a row, the web series brought home both a Silver and Bronze Telly award. 

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