Backyard Industry

WILL - Backyard Industry - April 25, 2013

Food Connection, Part Three


(Duration: 5:07)

A middle-aged couple sitting together on a couch, smiling.

What began as a desire for a fresh peach and a penchant for French-style goat cheese has become an award-winning farmstead creamery, among other things. Many other things. Business - and life - partners Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband talk about their work at Prairie Fruits Farm with Lisa Bralts for this episode of In My Backyard.

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WILL - Backyard Industry - March 14, 2013

Food Connection, Part Two


(Duration: 5:58)

A young man and woman in a baking facility, sitting on stools, talking

Man or woman cannot live by bread alone, the saying goes. Taking that to heart, Dusan and Carissa Katic of Katic Breads combine their passion for baking bread and farmers markets into a business that nourishes on multiple levels.

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WILL - Backyard Industry - February 27, 2013

Come and Get It!


(Duration: 4:10)

A young girl and several family members having dinner around the table.

Much ado is being made about dinner – particularly our habits when it comes to getting together around the table. In this episode of In My Backyard,  Lisa Bralts ponders what, exactly, makes up a quality dinner experience, and realizes that it depends on the family… and the food.

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WILL - Backyard Industry - February 14, 2013

Food Connection, Part One


(Duration: 5:37)

A young couple and their baby

We're all familiar with the idea of romance blossoming over a fancy meal. In My Backyard's Lisa Bralts kicks off the 2013 season with the first in a three-part series about romantic partnerships that have become life partnerships... with food as a major focus.

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WILL - Backyard Industry - December 12, 2012

See-Food Diet


(Duration: 5:41)

A young woman taking a photo of food at a restaurant.

Some people eat their food and share their appreciation with others at the table. Others like to write about their food and share it with their readers. Still others prefer to take photos of their food and share the photos with, well, everyone. In this episode of In My Backyard, Lisa Bralts takes photos of her lunch and discusses the recent food photography phenomenon with professional photographer Justine Bursoni.

WILL - Backyard Industry - October 25, 2012

Chicken Wranglers, Urban Style

Three chickens foraging in grass.

Two and a half years ago, one of the first In My Backyard pieces was about keeping chickens in the city. WILL’s Lisa Bralts follows up with both new and, uh, seasoned chicken owners, and learns what happens when girl chickens crow (they don’t), that raccoons and possums aren’t chickens’ only potential enemies, and that people give their chickens really strange names.

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Categories: Agriculture

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