Giddy Up!

April 29, 2017
A woman at bat in a softball game

Illinois softball's Nicole Evans

Mark Jones/Illinois Athletics

Yep, it's true, we're hiatusing for the summer - next episode will be our last one until August or so to make room for work, play, and total enjoyment of sportsball and lawn games. Who knows, though - we might pop in from time to time with a few surprises, because we're us. In the meantime, enjoy this, our 36th episode.

C-U had a huge marathon on Saturday, April 22! The three Bandwagoneers exchange their stories about their races (Hint: 2 of us raced. The other ate tater tots) and discuss the dominance of Illinois wheelchair marathoners at races worldwide.

We talk to Illinois softball badass (and Arthur Ashe Jr. Award winner) Nicole Evans about her badassery on and off the field. The U of I's team is having an awesome season this year and we wish them the absolute best as they head into the post-season and the end of the academic year.

25:18 - DERBY DISH
Louisville-raised friend of the podcast Molly Poganski has all the details about the Kentucky Derby from a native's perspective; she might live in Minneapolis now, but that's not going to stop her from making something called "Kentucky Horse Race Pie". 

Brian, um, wasn't ready to school us on a rivalry, but it was a good opportunity for us to discuss the ESPN staff layoffs and the rapid/ongoing changes in the sports media landscape.

John was impressed with some home plate acrobatics

Brian talked about a baseball player's bodily fluids.

Lisa is really proud of Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain for winning a Peabody for #MoreThanMean:

(Listen to Brian's interview with Julie from last fall here).


We'll be back soon with our Finals Week episode - until then, hit us up on Twitter and tell us your sporty (or not-so-sporty) plans for the summer!