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Wild Kratts Special: Back in Creature Time

6 am and 4 pm Monday, July 7, on WILL-TV: In a one-hour special, the Wild Kratts crew uses a Time Trampoline to go back in time to meet extinct species.

The Kratts go back in time to visit extinct animals

The Kratts go back in time to visit extinct animals

Part 1: Go Dodo Go
After lamenting the extinction of different animals in recent history and how they’ll never get to adventure with them, Aviva unveils her greatest invention yet – a time trampoline! The Wild Kratts jump back to the time of the extinct dodo bird, but once there, they run into Gourmand’s ancestor, who has decided dodos are definitely on the menu! Once again, it’s Wild Kratts to the rescue!

Learning Goals: Extinction – animals can go extinct and disappear from the world forever due to a number of reasons, such as habitat loss and over-hunting.

Featured Animals: Dodo

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moment: The extinct dodo bird!

Part 2: Tasmanian Tiger

 After visiting the dodos, the Wild Kratts travel to another time period to visit another extinct animal – the Tasmanian tiger! Their trip doesn’t go as planned, however, and they must save the Tasmanian tigers from Dabio and Donita’s ancestors, while also saving themselves from Zach, who wants to trap them in the past forever!

Learning Goals: Extinction

Featured Animals: Tasmanian Tiger

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moment: Tasmanian tigers hunting and surviving in the wild.