WILL - Focus - September 29, 2009

Students for Environmental Concerns 40th Anniversary


(Duration: 50:32)

With Eric Green (Graduate Research Assistant, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, ACES, University of Illinois), and Anthony Larson (Senior, Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, University of Illnois), and , and Elena Solomon (Sophomore, College of Consumer and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois), and Joe Teng (Former President of Students for Environmental Concerns (by phone))

Categories: Education, Environment

WILL - Focus - September 22, 2009

How Do the Local Schools Measure Up?


(Duration: 51:31)

With Preston L.. Williams, Jr., Ed.D. ( Superintendent, Urbana School District 116), and Dorland Norris ( District Deputy Superintendent, Curriculum Design, Educational Services and Equity, Champaign Unit 4 Schools)

Categories: Education
Tags: education, k-12

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