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Coming up on Focus: Mad Men, The War on Drugs, and Bond….James Bond

Are you a fan of AMC’s “MadMen”? Who do you think is the best James Bond? Is it time for the US to end the war on drugs?  Find out more about what’s coming up next week on Focus and join our conversation.

MadMen Cast

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Coming up next week on Focus, we’ve got a little something for everybody – from James Bond to gardening, we welcome you to join our conversation!

Monday April 8 – Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style and the 1960’s
Are you a fan of MadMen? Love it? Hate it? Planning to watch the season 6 premier on Sunday night on AMC? We want to hear from you this hour!

Set in the 1960’s in New York, the television drama follows the lives of advertising executives on Madison Avenue. Some have criticized the show for its portrayal of race and gender politics, while those same elements of the show have drawn critical acclaim from others. This hour on Focus, guest host Chris Berube talks with Robert Rushing, Lilya Kaganovsky and Lauren Goodlad of the UIUC about the show and their book “MadMen, Mad World: Sex, Politics Style and the 1960’s.”

Tuesday, April 9 – The House I Live In

This hour on focus, host Jim Meadows talks with Eugene Jarecki, writer, producer and director for the documentary The House I Live In. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, The House I Live In is filmed in more than 20 states and captures heart-wrenching stories from those on the front lines of the U.S.’s war on drugs — from the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge — and offers a penetrating look at the profound human rights implications of America’s longest war.
If you haven’t seen the film, join us at 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon for an online screening of The House I Live In with a discussion to follow. Watch the film and join our continued conversation after the show here.   

Watch a preview of The House I Live In.

Wednesday, April 10 – TBA
The interview previously announced with Jeremy Bailenson has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. 

Thursday, April 11 – Bond…James Bond
Who is the best James Bond? We want to hear from you this hour!

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the release of Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale” that introduced the world to the now infamous mystery man, James Bond. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Michael VanBlaricum, a UIUC alumnus and founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation, about Bond’s legacy.  John Cork, a documentary film maker known for his knowledge of the character, also joins us.

VanBlaricum is an avid Bond memorabilia collector and is donating a large collection of materials for research purposes to the University of Illinois, making the Midwest an unlikely hotspot for everything Bond. There are several events taking place next weekend in Urbana on campus. Find more information here.

Friday, April 12 – Gardening Technology
We welcome your questions about your yard and garden this hour on Focus!

What color is your thumb…green or black? This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Eduardo Torrealba who is part of a team from Urbana, Illinois who has developed a product called Plantlink to help you if you answered “black.” Sandy Mason, UI extension horticulture expert, will also be here to answer your yard and garden questions.

Learn more about Plantlink.