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Monday, December 23: We'll listen back to a conversation Jim Meadows had with Bill Kemp, a historian who writes the "Pages from the Past" column for Bloomington-Normal's Sunday Pantagraph. He tells us about his recenlty published book and a little about quirky history in central Illinois.

Tuesday, December 24: Lynn Neary hosts NPR's "Tinsel Tales." This hour we'll hear favorite holiday stories from the voices of NPR.

Wednesday, December 25: Continuing the tradition of the first Tinsel Tales, this hour we’ll hear a second collection of NPR favorite holiday stories for “Tinsel Tales 2.”

Thursday December 26: Kwanzaa begins today and lasts through January 4. During this hour, we'll learn more about the holiday and will listen to plenty of music with host Madafo Lloyd Wilson. 

Friday, December 27: Have you ever taken a personality test to see what it says about you? Today on Focus, we find out what they actually measure and what we can and can’t learn from them.

Monday, December 30: This hour on Focus, we’ll take a look back at 2013 by the headlines. Host Jim Meadows talks with Illinois Public Radio’s Brian Mackey, Jeff Bossert and Sean Powers.

Tuesday, December 31: We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep… have you ever wondered why? Despite years and billions of dollars in research, even leading sleep scientists still can’t answer that question. Today, we'll listen back to a conversation Lindsey Moon had with David Randall, author of the book “Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep.”