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Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra on ‘Live and Local’

4 pm today on WILL-FM: Kevin Kelly talks to Apollo's Fire music director Jeannette Sorrell about how the orchestra evokes passions in listeners. The group performs in Urbana Oct. 30.

Jeannette Sorrell

Jeannette Sorrell

When harpsichordist and music director Jeannette Sorrell founded Apollo’s Fire in 1992, she envisioned an ensemble dedicated to the Baroque ideal that music should evoke various passions in listeners: “Music is a form of communication—a language that resonates with people in an emotional and spiritual way, touching people in a way that words cannot. Apollo’s Fire is a collection of artists who believe passionately that our job is to communicate—to take the listeners with us on an emotional journey. If, at the end of two hours, the audience is moved to tears, or joy, or laughter, or prayer, then we have done a good night’s work.”

Using period instruments—instruments from, or newly constructed in the style of, the time period in which the music was composed—Sorrell and Apollo’s Fire meld historically informed playing with honest emotional and physical expression, creating imaginative, vibrant, life-affirming musical experiences. Bach’s glorious Brandenburg concertos—one of which is included on the “Golden Record” sent into the solar system aboard theVoyager spacecrafts—present intriguing combinations of instruments (strings, trumpet, recorder, oboe, flute, harpsichord) and offer an ideal vehicle for the irrepressible Sorrell and Apollo’s Fire.

The orchestra play at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts at  7 pm Wednesday, Oct 30. Get more information.