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Why the Early Years Are So Important: 10 am Thurs. on ‘Focus’

Claudia Quigg has been working with parents of young children for more than 20 years.

Head and shoulders photo of Claudia Quigg

Claudia Quigg

Claudia Quigg founded Baby TALK in the late 1980s in Decatur after having children of her own and realizing that even though she had a supportive group of friends, she needed advice and access to resources. Today the organization has a presence in 36 states and Canada and has more than 100 programs in operation in Illinois communities. Host Jim Meadows talks with Claudia about why the earliest years of life, from birth to age 3, are so important and what resources her organization provides in East Central Illinois. We’ll also talk about the memories and lessons she’s taken away from working with families for more than three decades.