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10 am Thursday on ‘Focus’: Bond ... James Bond ... Turns 60

We talk with a U of I alum providing Bond memorabilia for a U of I celebration.

Bond materials for U of I celebration

Bond materials for U of I celebration L. Brian Stauffer

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the release of Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale” that introduced the world to the now infamous mystery man, James Bond. This hour on Focus, we’ll talk with Michael VanBlaricum, a UIUC alumnus and co-founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation, about Bond’s legacy.  John Cork, another co-founder of the foundation and a documentary film maker known for his knowledge of the character, also joins us.

VanBlaricum is also an avid Bond memorabilia collector and is donating a large collection of materials for research purposes to the University, making the Midwest an unlikely hotspot for Bond research. There are several events taking place next weekend in Urbana on campus. Find more information here.