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Photographing the Prairie

10 am Tuesday, July 16, on WILL-AM's Focus: Guest host Jack Brighton talks with Larry Kanfer and Brian Johnson about how to get great pictures. © Photo by Larry Kanfer.

Prairie scene with corn in foreground and barn in background

© Larry Kanfer

Champaign-based photographer Larry Kanfer has been developing his own images since he was 10 years old and is well known across the country for his pictures of the prairie. Guest host Jack Brighton talks with Kanfer about his work, his favorite places to take pictures in east central Illinois and about how to get the best pictures you can of whatever you’re photographing this summer. Jack also talks with Kanfer about his gallery which has been a fixture on Neil Street in Champaign for nearly 30 years. Brian Johnson, a professor in the University of Illinois College of Media, also joins us. He’s been teaching students to take professional-quality photos for more than two decades and has lots of advice to share about taking meaningful vacation photos.

Whether you’ve got a point and shoot camera, a cell phone or a high quality Nikon, we welcome your questions about photography.