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Puppy Week on ‘Martha Speaks’: June 24-28

6:30 am on WILL-TV: Five pawsitively adorable new shows. Watch a preview.

Puppies playing with Martha

It's puppy mania when America's favorite talking dog returns for a week of brand-new, pawsitively adorable, tail-wagging fun June 24-28 at 6:30 am on WILL-TV. Kicking off the week with "Puppy Skits," we learn that innocent, easy-going Skits may, in fact, have been a time-traveling puppy! Then on Tuesday in "The Puppy Tooth Fairy," Martha and Skits are determined to bring treats to all the Wagstaff City puppies, as they become Puppy Tooth Fairies! On Wednesday in "The Puppy Show," Martha and the gang try to come up with the perfect pitch for a new puppy TV show. And in Thursday's "Martha's Puppy," Martha thinks it's a great idea to train baby Jake to become her new puppy.

Puppy week ends Friday with the classic two-parter "Martha's Life in Crime," where Martha tells the story of her puppy days. Kids can tune in for the premiere of Martha Speaks fifth season and learn new words such as paleontologist, fossil, exhibit and more.

"We think puppies are the perfect vehicle to teach kids new vocabulary. Words like destroy, mess, ruin, exhausted, and anticipation all spring naturally from stories about puppies and we know they'll be memorable to kids," says senior executive producer Carol Greenwald. "And who doesn't love puppies?"