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State of the Re:Union: New episodes in September

10 am Fridays beginning Sept. 12, with a poetry month special featuring Al Letson's conversations with poets from across the country about the craft.

Al Letson, host of State of the Re:Union

Al Letson, host of State of the Re:Union

New episodes of State of the Re:Union are coming to WILL-AM 580 at 10 am Fridays this month. Each program is repeated at 8 pm the same day.

Sept. 12: When Words Matter: A National Poetry Month Special

Host Al Letson talks to poets from across the country about the craft, the lifestyle, the resurgence of poems as they also share pieces of their work.

Sept. 19: Birmingham: The Long Story Short

Birmingham’s past includes Freedom Riders, church bombings, civil rights marches and police dogs. This program journeys into the courtrooms, churches and backyards of Birmingham to answer whether Birmingham remains a monument to brutal segregation, or one of the few American cities willing to take a hard look at race.

Sept. 26: Re:Defining Black History

State of the Re:Union zeroes in on some of the narratives edited out of the mainstream picture of Black history and how those unknown events have affected Americans’ perception of the struggles against slavery and for civil rights.

On Sept. 5, State of the Re:Union will be replaced by a WILL special local program: Beyond Ferguson: White Fear, Black Anger, American Rage.