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Ties That Bind:  A StoryCorps 10th Anniversary Special

11 am and 7 pm Thursday, Oct. 17, on WILL-AM: Listen in on some unforgettable StoryCorps moments including "Danny and Annie" and "Ms. Divine."

StoryCorps booth

StoryCorps booth

Listen in on some unforgettable StoryCorps moments: Danny and Annie Perasa share their belief in the everlasting power of their love in the face of death, the amazing Ms. Divine leaves her mark, Monique Ferrer remembers her husband who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11, and Scott Simon shares one of the last recorded conversations he had with his mother Patricia in a StoryCorps recording booth.

Recorded in StoryCorps' own interview booth in Manhattan, this special features NPR's Scott Simon and StoryCorps founder Dave Isay in an unscripted conversation about the importance of humanity, intimacy and the need to bear witness. They share stories about StoryCorps' beginnings and its growth into an archive of interviews with nearly 100,000 Americans from every state of the union.

Simon and Isay also revisit some of the most beloved conversations, reflect on Studs Terkel's speech at the launch of the project, get updates from the participants, and go behind-the-scenes of a StoryCorps interview.

The program airs in place of Fresh Air at 11 am and 7 pm on Oct. 17.