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Vinyl Resurgence: Record Sales Climb in US

10 am Thursday, May 2, on WILL-AM's Focus: Vinyl sales are up by 35 percent over last year. Why is vinyl making a comeback?

Vinyl record

Vinyl record Wikimedia Commons

“Vinyl sounds warmer….it’s about the experience….I like the crackle….” Do you enjoy listening to music on a turntable? If you still have your old record collection, we want to know why you kept it during this hour on Focus. We’ll talk about music in the 21st century and if vinyl’s “comeback” really means anything to the future of the music industry.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, a company that tracks the sale of music in the U.S., vinyl sales are up by 35 percent over the same time last year. Nearly 2 million vinyl albums have sold so far in 2013. That’s interesting considering music hasn’t been released solely on vinyl albums for decades. We’ll talk about the resurgence of records and what makes them so appealing in an era largely defined by digital culture.

A couple of days before the Vintage Vinyl sale in Champaign, Greg Kot, music critic for the Chicago Tribune and co-host of the podcast “Sound Opinons” joins us, and we’ll talk with the owner of Exile on Main Street in Champaign.