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WILL - Illinois Pioneers - September 27, 2013 ~ Comment (0)

Tim Nugent, game-changer for students with disabilities

7:30 pm Thursday, Oct. 3, on WILL-TV
Tim Nugent coaching U of I wheelchair basketball team

At the University of Illinois, Tim Nugent founded the first comprehensive program in higher education for people with disabilities, and helped establish the university as a power in collegiate wheelchair athletics. Host David Inge talks to Nugent about what it was like for students with disabilities when he started his program after World War II, the difficulties he faced in convincing university faculty and administrators that disabled students belonged on campus, and why wheelchair basketball was an important part of his program.

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WILL - Illinois Pioneers - September 19, 2013 ~ Comment (0)

Former Champaign Mayor Dannel McCollum

7:30 pm Thursday, Sept. 26, on WILL-TV
Dannel McCollum

The former Champaign mayor talks about how his family’s involvement in a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case affected him as a child, reflects on his years teaching school, and relates behind-the-scenes stories about the city’s Boneyard Creek and Virginia Theatre projects.

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WILL - Illinois Pioneers - September 17, 2013 ~ Comment (0)

Wolfram Research Co-Founder Theo Gray

7:30 pm Sept. 19, 2013, on WILL-TV (repeated Jan. 9, 2014)
Theo Gray

Theo Gray, innovative software developer and popularizer of science, began studying chemistry but changed course when he was asked to join in the creation of a groundbreaking computational software program called Mathmatica. He’s also a prominent element collector and author. He tells Illinois Pioneers host David Inge that he doesn't write about science because of a missionary zeal to convince people that it's cool. "I do this stuff because I think it's fascinating," he said.

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WILL - Illinois Pioneers - September 12, 2013 ~ Comment (0)

Early childhood education pioneer Lilian Katz

7:30 pm Sept. 12, 2013, on WILL-TV (repeated Jan. 2, 2014)
Lilian Katz

Illinois Pioneers host David Inge interviews Lilian Katz, University of Illinois professor emerita of early childhood education, who is known worldwide for her expertise in child development and teacher education. They talk about how volunteering at her children's cooperative nursery school introduced her to child development. She describes what children should learn in pre-school, how the project approach in early education encourages learning, and what she thinks of standardized testing and computers in the classroom.

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WILL - Illinois Pioneers - September 05, 2013 ~ Comment (0)

2013 Season Premiere: Lou Henson on Sept. 5

David Inge Returns to WILL to Host
Host David Inge with Lou Henson

Illinois Pioneers returns to WILL-TV in September, with retired WILL-AM host David Inge coming back to conduct engaging interviews with former Illini basketball coach Lou Henson (Sept. 5), University of Illinois early childhood education pioneer Lilian Katz (Sept. 12), and Wolfram Research co-founder Theo Gray (Sept. 19). Former Champaign mayor Dannel McCollum is featured on Sept. 26, interviewed by former WILL general manager Mark Leonard. David is a guest on WILL-AM's Focus at 10 am Thursday, Sept. 5.