Bramwell Tovey leads The New York Philharmonic: Music by Copland, Sousa, and Bernstein

July 10, 2014

Tonight at 7:00 on the “Evening Concert” on WILL-FM, 90.9 … it’s “The New York Philharmonic This Week”.  Guest conductor Bramwell Tovey leads the orchestra in a mainly Ameircan music program with Copland’s “Four Dance Episodes from ‘Rodeo’”, Sousa marches including ‘The Liberty Bell” and works by Leonard Bernstein.

Thursday July 10:  The New York Philharmonic This Week (#14-40)

Bramwell Tovey, conductor; U.S. Coast Guard Band; Capt. Kenneth W. Megan, Director

Copland:  Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo
Tovey:   The Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret for Trombone And Orchestra (Joseph Alessi, trombone)
Sousa:   The Glory of The Yankee Navy;        Hesketh: Masque
Bernstein/arr. Grundman:  Candide Suite; The Best Of All Possible Worlds; Auto-Da-Fe (What A Day)
Bernstein/arr. Grundman: Glitter And Be Gay; Make Our Garden Grow

Various/arr. Daniel Sandidge and Sean Nelson: Armed Forces Medley

Sousa: Hands Across The Sea; The Liberty Bell

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