Indiana Medal of Honor Recipient to be Honored Again

May 28, 2013
Sammy L. Davis

Retired Sgt. Sammy Davis thanks the members of the law enforcement agencies who found and returned his Medal of Honor during a re-presentation ceremony, Thursday, July 21, 2005, in Indianapolis.

(John Harrell/AP)

An Indiana man who received the Medal of Honor for valor in Vietnam is thanking the state and military veterans for an exhibit in his name at the Indiana War Memorial.

Sammy Davis of the Owen County town of Freedom was honored Tuesday afternoon by Gov. Mike Pence and others during a ceremonial unveiling of an exhibit recounting his bravery.

In November 1967, then-Pfc. Davis ignored reported warnings to take cover and instead used a machine gun and artillery to return fire against a Viet Cong attack. Davis was a non-swimmer who used an air mattress to cross a river and rescue three wounded soldiers before refusing medical care and joining another howitzer crew.

He received the Medal of Honor from President Lyndon Johnson the following year.

Story source: AP

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