Public stakeholders: The Britt family

Tad and Mary Susan Britt support Illinois Public Media financially to make sure the WILL stations stay strong.

December 15, 2012
Tad and Mary Susan Britt

Tad and Mary Susan Britt

Photo by Michael Owen Thomas

“When you contribute to WILL, you feel like you’re a stakeholder, part of the local ownership,” Tad said. “You care more about it and you get more benefits from it.” They say they’re grateful that quality television and radio are available for them and their daughter, Grace. “It’s like food for the soul,” says Tad.

An archaeologist who works in research and development,Tad has AM 580 on at the office most days listening to Focus and The Afternoon Magazine. “It keeps me company at work,” he said. He appreciates NPR News programming because “they focus in on an issue instead of cramming 20 stories into a few minutes. You don’t get that quality of journalism elsewhere. It really is hard to find,” he said.

Favorites for Mary Susan, director of advancement for the University of Illinois College of Media, are the PBS programs Antiques Roadshow and This Old House, and the Ken Burns’ documentaries, particularly The National Parks. She values Illinois Public Media’s work in the community, like workshops for day care providers, training for teens in TV and radio production, and efforts to fight childhood obesity. “The WILL stations are such an important part of what makes this community a good place to live,” she said.

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