Legal Issues in the News

WILL - Legal Issues in the News - September 01, 2014 ~ Comment (0)

Home Court Advantage?


(Duration: 3:30)

There are several legal avenues one can take to settle a dispute. Legal Issues commentator Verity Winship examines what happened when some questioned the path assigned their case and why it matters.

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Stamp of Approval


(Duration: 3:27)

In this week's Legal Issues in the News, Christine Hurt discusses the history of investing in postage.

WILL - Legal Issues in the News - December 02, 2013 ~ Comment (0)

Champing at the Bit


(Duration: 3:26)

Forms of payment come in many varieties and have changed greatly over the course of time. Commentator Christine hurt explores one of the newest methods of squaring up in this week’s Legal Issues in the News.