Media Matters

WILL - Media Matters - November 24, 2002

Steven Hill and Dan Johnson-Weinberger


(Duration: 52:58)

Steven Hill and Dan Johnson-Weinberger from the Center for Voting And Democracy, a West Coast non-profit that educates the public on the impact of voting systems on political representation, proportional representation, voter turnout, redistricting and campaign finance

WILL - Media Matters - November 17, 2002

Shelby Scott and Linda Foley


(Duration: 52:19)

Shelby Scott and Linda Foley -- Shelby Scott is the former National President of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and served as chair of AFTRA's Women's Committee and of its Broadcast Steering Committee. Linda Foley is president of the Newspaper Guild, Communications Workers of America. She was elected secretary-treasurer of the Guild in 1993 and Guild President in 1995.

WILL - Media Matters - November 10, 2002

Thomas Frank, author


(Duration: 52:49)

Thomas Frank, author One Market Under God and The Conquest of Cool, and currently editor of The Baffler.

WILL - Media Matters - November 03, 2002

Bill Regier and Joan Catapano


(Duration: 52:53)

University of Illinois Press Director Bill Regier and Editor-in-Chief Joan Catapano discuss the state of university publishing.