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WILL - Media Matters - August 31, 2008

Alexander Cockburn, editor of Counterpunch


(Duration: 57:52)

This week our guest is Alexander Cockburn, editor, with Jeffrey St. Clair, of Counterpunch. Cockburn also writes the "Beat the Devil" column for The Nation and a weekly syndicated column for the Los Angeles Times as well as for The First Post.

WILL - Media Matters - August 24, 2008

Gigi Durham, author of The Lolita Effect


(Duration: 58:24)

This week our guest is Gigi Durham, author of The Lolita Effect: The Media Sexualization of Young Girls and What We Can Do About It. Durham's work centers on media and the politics of the body, with an emphasis on gender, sexuality, race, and youth cultures. Her work has appeared in leading academic journals, including Critical Studies in Media Communication, Communication Theory, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, and Women's Studies in Communication. She is the co-editor, with Douglas M. Kellner, of Media and Cultural Studies: KeyWorks.

WILL - Media Matters - August 17, 2008

Dave Zirin, author of A People’s History of Sports in the United States


(Duration: 59:44)

This week our guest is Dave Zirin. Zirin, Press Action's 2005 and 2006 Sportswriter of the Year, has been called "an icon in the world of progressive sports" and Robert Lipsyte says he is "the best young sportswriter in the United States." His column, Edge of Sports, appears on Sports Illustrated's website, He is also the host of XM satellite's weekly show, Edge of Sports Radio.

Zirin is, in addition, a columnist for SLAM Magazine, the Progressive, and the Philadelphia Weekly; a contributor to the Nation Magazine, and a regular op-ed writer for The Los Angeles Times.

Zirin's next book, out this summer, is A People's History of Sports in the United States, part of Howard Zinn's People's History series for the New Press. He is also the author of Welcome to the Terrordome: The Pain, Politics, and Promise of Sports (with a foreword by the immortal Chuck D.). His first book What's My Name, Fool? Sports and Resistance in the United States (Haymarket Books) has entered its second printing and is available in stores and at He is also the author of The Muhammad Ali Handbook, published for MQ Publications.

WILL - Media Matters - August 10, 2008

Thomas Frank, author of The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule


(Duration: 58:32)

This week our guest is Thomas Frank. Well-known author of What's the Matter with Kansas and Commodifying Dissent, Frank has recently been appointed a columnist at the Wall Street Journal. His new book, The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule, has just been released on Metropolitan Books.

WILL - Media Matters - August 03, 2008

Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director of Women in Media & News

This week our guest is Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director of Women in Media & News (WIMN), a national media analysis, education and advocacy group. Pozner founded Women In Media & News in 2001 to increase women's presence and power in the public debate through media analysis, education, advocacy and reform.

A widely published journalist and media critic, Pozner formerly directed the Women's Desk at the national media watch group FAIR, where she was a staff writer for Extra! magazine and the organizer of the national Feminist Coalition on Public Broadcasting. She also served as Media Watch columnist and contributing media editor for Sojourner: The Women's Forum.

Her essays have appeared in anthologies such as What Do We Do Now (a post-2004 election manifesto); The W Effect: Bush's War on Women; Catching a Wave: Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century; Uncovering the Right on Campus; and Points and CounterPoints: Controversial Family and Relationship Issues in the 21st Century.

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