January 25, 2009

James Galbraith, author of The Predator State

Our guest this week is James Galbraith. A Professor of government at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Galbraith's most recent book is The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too. He is the author of Balancing Acts: Technology, Finance and the American Future (1989) and Created Unequal: The Crisis in American Pay (1998). Galbraith is a Senior Scholar of the Levy Economics Institute and Chair of the Board of Economists for Peace and Security, a global professional network. He writes a column for Mother Jones, and occasional commentary in many other publications, including The Texas Observer, The American Prospect, and The Nation.

January 11, 2009

Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

Our guests this week are Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon. Cohen is founder of the media watch group FAIR, and currently serves as director of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College. His latest book is Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media.

Solomon is a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics. He has been writing the weekly Media Beat column since 1992. His latest book is Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America's Warfare State (October 2007). Solomon is the founder and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a national consortium of policy researchers and analysts.

January 04, 2009

Deepa Kumar on the limitations of the corporate media system

Our guest this week is Deepa Kumar. Prof Kumar teaches and writes about the limitations of the corporate media system and the ways in which dissenting voices are marginalized from the public sphere. She is a member of the faculty of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers, and the author of Outside the Box: Corporate Media, Globalization, and the UPS Strike.