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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - November 29, 2006

New Leadership in Ecuador with a UI Connection

A University of Illinois economics professor says the winner of presidential elections in Ecuador fits the trend toward the left in Latin America. Werner Baer was Rafael Correa's advisor when the 43-year old former finance minister (at left) gained his doctorate from the U of I in 2001. Baer spoke with AM 580's Tom Rogers - he stresses that Correa is not necessarily in the mold of the most well-known of those new leaders, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - November 02, 2006

ELECTION ‘06: Here Come the Blogs

Society is still trying to figure out what place the Internet has in our political life. In eastern Illinois, candidates and political watchers are taking to weblogs, either to get their messages out or to hear what like-minded or opposite-minded people have to say. But is the buzz from blogs percolating out into the general public? And do they add to the political discourse or lower it? AM 580's Tom Rogers takes a look.

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