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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 19, 2009

Illinois Governor Visits Troops In Iraq

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he's impressed with the soldiers he met while on a surprise weekend trip to Kuwait and Iraq.

Quinn made the trip along with four other American governors. He says the Department of Defense invited him on the Middle East trip. He says he met with members of the Illinois National Guard and Illinois members of the Marines.

Quinn says at one point the dignitaries had a town hall-style meeting with soldiers, who asked about military equipment, education and the state of the American economy. The governor says soldiers want to know what the economy will be like when they get home.

Aides for Quinn say for security reasons they could not release where the governor was traveling next or when he would return to Illinois.

Quinn said he previously visited Iraq in 2004.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 17, 2009

Champaign County Nursing Home Board Endorses New Budget for FY 2010

The Champaign County Nursing Home Board voted Thursday night to send the county board a 16-point-2 million dollar budget plan for fiscal year 2010. It's a budget they think they can keep in the black --- if they're careful.

Nursing home management consultant Mike Scavotto says a lot depends on keeping the number of nursing home residents high. That's been difficult in the past few months, as the nursing home census has frequently dipped into the 180s --- officials would like to see it above 200. Scavotto blames the decline in nursing home population on the poor economy. If the nursing home census DOES stay down in 2010, he says they'll have to manage nursing home expenses accordingly.

"You don't continue to buy things when you don't need as many of them," says Scavotto. "You don't continue to have as many people in your staff when you can flex. And that's the system here. So they've been pretty good at flexing. So we'll have to see how that's going in the census downturn."

Scavotto says the Champaign County Nursing Home will face another financial burden next year. For the first time, it will start paying back the county for money it was loaned for operations and additional construction costs. That will add another 200-thousand dollars to the nursing home budget. The nursing home built up the debt during a time when its operations were deeply in the red. But Scavotto says the Champaign County Nursing Home has stayed in the black so far in 2009 for expenses that don't include depreciation costs.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 16, 2009

Illinois Lawmakers OK Borrowing in Makeshift Budget

Illinois officials have agreed to borrow billions of dollars as part of a new state budget.

The Illinois House and Senate approved the $3.5 billion borrowing plan Wednesday night. Gov. Pat Quinn quickly signed it into law.

The money will go to government pension systems. That frees up the state's annual pension contributions to be used for other expenses.

Critics call it irresponsible to pay for government expenses with borrowed money. They say it just digs a deeper financial hole for the state.

But supporters say Illinois needs a budget to keep providing government services. They say a tax increase or drastic cuts won't pass, so this is the only realistic option.

The bill is SB1292.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 15, 2009

Another Bureaucratic Hurdle Cleared for FutureGen

Action Tuesday by the U-S Energy Department gives a green light to action at the FutureGen site near Mattoon. So says Angela Griffin, president of the economic development group Coles Together.

The Energy Department issues a formal Record of Decision which formally approves FutureGen's goals, objectives and potential environmental impacts. Griffin says before, the FutureGen Alliance could only work on the experimental clean coal project in general terms. Now, she says they can focus directly on conditions at the Mattoon site.

"They can do some very site-specific engineering and design work, which will then lead to some very specific cost estimates which are needed to get at the final cost of the plant.," Griffith said. "This allows them to do some work here, it allows them do some further subsurface characterization of the site, to verify what we already believe is the case, to spend some money at our site in a way that they weren't able to do before today."

The FutureGen project aims to build an experimental coal gasification plant that cuts down on carbon emissions by burying them underground. The project depends on both federal funding and money from the energy industry. The Bush Administration had pulled away from the project, citing rising cost estimates. But FutureGen found new support under the Obama administration.

AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 15, 2009

Supporters and Critics of Tent City Speak to Champaign City Council

For the second week in a row, supporters of a tent city for the homeless spoke out at last Tuesday night's Champaign City Council meeting. But this time, they were joined by neighbors who were not supportive at all.

Supporters of the Safe Haven Tent Community at the St. Jude Catholic Worker House on South Randolph say a Sunday night police visit amounted to harassment. But the neighbors say they welcome the police. They blame the small mostly male tent community for continued problems over the last three months. Cathy Tanner is the property manager for nearby Huntington Towers.

"We have had vandalism," says Tanner. "We've had drinking on the premises. We've had drugs. On a daily basis, it seems like we're chasing someone out or we're calling the police."

But Safe Haven residents and their supporters say the bad behavior comes from some of the people who gather for the daily meals at the Catholic Worker House. Jesse Masengale is one of the residents of the tent community. He says they enforce rules amongst themselves against drinking, drugs and disruptive behavior.

"We police ourselves -- we take pride in policing ourselves," Masengale told council members. "These folks haven't had anything going for them for most of their lives. And now we've put something together for them, that they can self-govern and help grow on their own.

Masengale says Safe Haven is willing to move to to some other location, if the city will help them find one. But city officials say the tent community violates city zoning rules and have told the Catholic Worker House that Safe Haven must close by Friday. Catholic Worker Volunteer Chris Watson says they'll appeal the order. The group is holding a neighborhood meeting tonight at the Champaign firehouse next door to try to work things out with the neighbors.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 15, 2009

Illinois Lawmakers Nearing Vote on Makeshift Budget

Illinois legislative leaders hope to vote Wednesday on a new state budget.

The leaders are supposed to meet with Gov. Pat Quinn in an attempt to complete a plan for lawmakers to consider.

They're discussing a version of the budget that would not include a tax increase or the drastic cuts included in an earlier version. Instead, this budget would depend on more borrowing, leaving bills unpaid and other financial maneuvers.

The budget was supposed to be in place by July 1, but has been held up by disagreements over how to close a historic $11.6 billion deficit.

Thousands of state paychecks that are supposed to go out Wednesday will be delayed by the budget gridlock.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 15, 2009

Illinois Greens to Meet in C-U to Plan for 2010

The Illinois Green Party will start getting ready for the 2010 elections at its semiannual meeting this weekend in Champaign and Urbana.

Illinois Green Party chairman Phil Huckleberry says the party members expect to hear from candidates looking for support from the Greens in the Feb. 2 primaries.

Party organizers expect more than 100 people to attend the two-day meeting, Saturday in Champaign and Sunday in Urbana.

The Greens are the only party in the state other than Republicans and Democrats eligible to field candidates for every office in the state.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 14, 2009

Parkland College Recieves Long-Awaited Funds for Student Center

The approval of state capital money for a student services center at Parkland College means administrators will start exploring other sources to complete the facility.

The chairman of the college's board of Trustees, Jim Ayers, says the building is much larger in scope and size than when originally conceived more than 15 years ago as part of a Campus Master Plan. The state is expected to fund roughly half of the center's cost... or $15 million. The rest would likely be sought through a combination of student fee hikes and a referendum. Ayers says such a center is now looked upon as more than a place for students to register for classes and discuss financial aid.

"I think we anticipate the Foundation is going to move there, a restaurant and hospitality program will be put in there someplace, and a wide variety of activites will all be brought under the umbrella of student services," says Ayers. Parkland Vice President of Student Services Linda Moore says having a student center would also free up existing offices for instructional space. While there's no timetable for building such a facility, Ayers says Parkland would likely decide by this fall on a plan to fund the building's remaining cost.

Ayers holds out hope that federal money could be a part of that as well. He cites comments made Tuesday by President Barack Obama, who wants to pump $12 billion dollars into the nation's community colleges, including $2.5 billion for construction.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 14, 2009

Trustee Eppley Denies Forcing UI to Admit Politically Connected Students

University of Illinois trustee Lawrence Eppley says he never forced politically connected students to be admitted to the Champaign-Urbana campus.

Eppley told a special commission he passed along between 5 and 10 names per year for special consideration. He says about half those came from staffers in former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's office.

Eppley says he thought passing the names on was "benign." University employees have testified that they considered inquiries from the trustees to be "directives."

Eppley says he now understands there were problems with the unofficial inquiries that he says functioned as an "underground recommendation system.''

Eppley says the state commission is needed to "fix'' the clout list. Gov. Pat Quinn formed the commission to investigate whether special treatment was given to politically connected applicants, known as "Category I.''

After the Chicago Tribune reported on the "Category I'' list in May, the university suspended it.

(Additional reporting by The Associated Press)

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 14, 2009

History Grant Puts Teachers in the Research Seats

For a fifth straight year, a history education project headed up by the Urbana school district is getting a million-dollar federal grant.

The American History Teachers Collaborative is aimed at giving teachers the research time and resources they need to paint a more realistic and gripping picture of history in their classrooms.

The group's coordinator, Kathy Barbour, says when teachers conduct their own research, they can teach their students about national history through a local lens.

"For the teachers to be able to bring newspaper articles or photographs or documents or letters from right here in central Illinois and bring those to their classrooms, it's a very powerful thing for the students to be able to see that history happens here and we're tied to the bigger picture," Barbour said.

For instance, Barber says teachers have found articles and other documents about events in Champaign County that illustrate the national civil rights movement. She says the money helps fund workshops for teachers in seven area districts as well as research trips to museums.

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