Map of the Mahomet Aquifer
(Illinois State Water Survey)
November 12, 2015

Clinton Landfill Consent Decree Filed In Court

A consent decree limiting what types of waste can go into the Clinton Landfill was entered in DeWitt County Court Thursday, ending a legal dispute between the facility and a coalition of 14 local governments concerned about the potential threat to the Mahomet Aquifer.

DeWitt County residents opposing the placing of PCB's over the Mahomet Aquifer.
Sean Powers/Illinois Public Media
November 10, 2015

Clinton Landfill Settlement Leads To Questions On Future Of Aquifer Underneath

Once it's approved in court, the Clinton Landfill Consent Decree will bar certain types of waste from going into the landfill, in order to protect the Mahomet Aquifer that lies beneath it. But some waste that's already in the landfill will stay. Both supporters and critics of the Consent Decree are looking ahead to other ways to shield the aquifer from possible contamination.

Vice Chancellor for Research Peter Schiffer
Jim Meadows/Illinois Public Media
October 21, 2015

U Of I Urbana Campus Unveils New Plan To Shrink Carbon Footprint

The update of a plan first issued in 2010 outlines new short-term objectives aimed at reaching the goal of a carbon neutral campus by 2050 --- and officials are considering a proposal to move that goal up by 15 years.

A sign placed by residents in DeWitt County opposing the placing of PCB's in a landfill over the Mahomet Aquifer.
Sean Powers/Illinois Public Media
October 09, 2015

Macon County Board Approves Clinton Landfill Consent Decree

The Macon County Board is the 13th member of a 14-goverment coalition to endorse a proposed consent decree to keep PCB's and future manufactured gas plant waste out of the Clinton Landfill.

Champaign County seal, displayed in the Champaign County Boardroom.
Jim Meadows/Illinois Public Media
September 30, 2015

Champaign County Board Approves Clinton Landfill Consent Decree

The Champaign County Board approved the Clinton Landfill consent decree fifteen to five with one abstention, joining 11 other local governments in the the Mahomet Aquifer Coalition. Two members of the coalition have scheduled votes in October.

Logo for the Village of Savoy, Illinois
(Village of Savoy)
September 23, 2015

Savoy Trustees Approve Clinton Landfill Consent Decree

The Savoy Village Board voted unaniminously Wednesday night to approve the Clinton Landfill consent decree, becoming the 11th member of the Mahomet Aquifer Coalition to endorse the agreement.

Map of the Mahomet Aquifer.
(City of Champaign)
September 22, 2015

Urbana, Forsyth Approve Clinton Landfill Consent Decree

The Urbana City Council and the Forsyth Village Board are the 9th and 10th local governments to approve the agreement with the Clinton Landfill that would restrict its intake of PCB and manufactured gas plant waste, and stop legal action by the 14-government coalition.

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