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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - November 14, 2013

Greece’s Future Amid Economic Crisis

By Scott Cameron


(Duration: 7:46)

The collapse of the Greek economy four years ago can be traced back to deeply-rooted economic problems in that country, but that doesn’t give the whole picture. 

In order to understand what happened, and why, many political scientists say you need to look to the culture and politics in Greece itself, and across the E.U. as a whole. 

Kevin Featherstone studies Greek politics at The London School of Economics and Political Science. He says the ongoing focus on austerity measures in Greece misses the more important questions about the country’s future. He’s in town for a MillerCom lecture Thursday afternoon at the University of Illinois. Professor Featherstone joined Illinois Public Media’s Scott Cameron on Here & Now.

AP - Illinois Public Media News - November 11, 2013

Record Number Of Foreign Students In US, U of I Ranks Second

by The Associated Press, with additional reporting from Illinois Public Media

Tight economies around the world haven't slowed down students who are crossing international borders in record numbers to pursue their studies. The University of Illinois ranks second in a new study.

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