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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - May 09, 2013

In Newsrooms, Some Immigration Terms Are Going Out of Style

By David Folkenflik


(Duration: 5:04)

immigration rally

Journalists make choices all the time that influence our understanding of the news — the choice of what stories to cover, which people to interview, which words to use. And major news organizations have been reconsidering how best to describe a group of people whose very presence in this country breaks immigration law.

WILL - Illinois Public Media News - April 15, 2013

U of I Wheelchair Athletes, Champaign Running Club, Appear Safe After Explosions

By Jim Meadows and Jeff Bossert

When explosions hit near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon, members of the University of Illinois Wheelchair Athletic program were just a couple of blocks away.  But a trainer says all team members are safe.

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Public Radio International - Illinois Public Media News - April 01, 2013

Joseph Kony’s War in Central Africa – in Comics Form

By Carol Hills/The World


(Duration: 4:06)

Remember the film “Kony 2012?”

The film went viral last year and put Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in the cross-hairs of millions of outraged citizens.

Well, a year later, Joseph Kony and his remaining believers are still somewhere in Central Africa, literally raping and pillaging as they go.

War correspondent David Axe wants to remind people that Kony is still out there.

Axe has written a graphic novel with illustrator Tim Hamilton, “Army of God: Joseph Kony’s War in Central Africa,” to tell the story of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The novel demonstrates why the show-and-tell nature of comics journalism works as a medium to talk about Joseph Kony and violence he has wrought.



Illinois Public Radio - Illinois Public Media News - March 28, 2013

Gov. Quinn Continues to be Asked About Prison System

This is the fourth in a four part series on Illinois prison life

WBEZ has asked the Illinois governor for months to explain his thinking on overcrowding and conditions in the state’s billion-dollar prison system.

By Robert Wildeboer


(Duration: 7:26)

Pat Quinn

UPDATE: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he will lay out his prison plans and policies, but it’s going to be a couple of months yet.

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