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CU-CitizenAccess - Illinois Public Media News - December 22, 2014

Central Illinois Nursing Homes Plagued By Violations

Court records and inspection documents show persistent problems in nursing homes across Central Illinois.

by Robert Holly and Claire Everett


(Duration: 3:54)

a resident in a nursing home knitting

Gerald Warmbier began a medical journey last year that took him to the nursing home Heartland of Champaign.  But instead of helping him recover after medical treatment at Carle Foundation Hospital, a lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of Champaign County by his wife alleges the nursing home delivered such poor care that it led to his death.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - June 30, 2014

Online Psychotherapy Gains Fans And Raises Privacy Concerns

More on Illinois Public Media's coverage of mental health issues in central Illinois.

By Maanvi Singh


(Duration: 4:30)

Lauren Kay has never met her therapist in person. The 24-year-old entrepreneur found it difficult to take time off work for appointments.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - June 11, 2014

More Young Adults Get Inpatient Psychiatric Care After Health Law

This story was reported in partnership with Kaiser Health News

More of Illinois Public Media's coverage on mental health care in central Illinois

By Jay Hancock

Mental health admissions of young people rose 9 percent after implementation of a key portion of the Affordable Care Act, researchers say.

Expanded coverage for young adults under the Affordable Care Act substantially raised inpatient hospital visits related to mental health, finds a study conducted by researchers at Indiana and Purdue universities.

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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - June 04, 2014

For New College Grads, Finding Mental Health Care Can Be Tough

By Maanvi Singh

Finding a good therapist can take time, especially in a new city.

For many young people, college graduation marks the entry into what grown-ups call "the real world." But if you're a new graduate with a mental health condition, the transition can be especially challenging.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - June 04, 2014

Privacy Law Frustrates Parents Of Mentally Ill Adult Children

This story was reported in partnership with Kaiser Health News

More on Illinois Public Media's coverage of mental health care in central Illinois.

By Jenny Gold

Mark, a California minister, says the day he was first shut out of all treatment discussions regarding his mentally ill teenage son "was the first time we really started to feel hopeless."

The horrifying mass shooting in Isla Vista, Calif., last month brought up many questions. What could parents have done to prevent the tragedy? And what did they actually know about their son's mental illness?

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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - May 29, 2014

The Divide Over Involuntary Mental Health Treatment

More of Illinois Public Media's coverage on mental health care.

By Kirk Siegler


(Duration: 3:57)

Involuntary commitment to a hospital for mental illness can be a lengthy and complex process. A California law makes mandatory outpatient treatment an option.

The attacks near the University of California, Santa Barbara, are renewing focus on programs aimed at requiring treatment for people who are mentally ill as a way to prevent mass shootings and other violence.

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