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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - December 04, 2013

Rule Spells Out How Insurers Must Cover Mental Health Care

This story was reported in partnership with Kaiser Health News

By Michelle Andrews

Insurance plans that offer mental health benefits have to keep them in line with the coverage for medical care.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 requires health plans that offer benefits for mental health and substance use to cover them to the same extent that they cover medical and surgical care.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - August 02, 2013

A Mother And Son Live, And Cope, With Mental Illness

By StoryCorps


(Duration: 3:44)

Liza Long's son struggles with rage and violent outbursts.

One day after the school shootings in Newtown, Conn., last December, Liza Long wrote a blog post urging the country to focus on treatment for the nation's mentally ill youth. In it, she shared the story of her own son, "Michael" (not his real name). "I live with a son who is mentally ill," she wrote for The Blue Review.

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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - May 20, 2013

Psychological Toll of Banning Same-Sex Marriage

By Shankar Vedantam


(Duration: 4:31)

same-sex marriage protest

As the country awaits two important Supreme Court decisions involving state laws on same-sex marriage, a small but consistent body of research suggests that laws that ban same-sex marriage — or approve it — can affect the mental health of gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans.

CU-CitizenAccess - Illinois Public Media News - February 20, 2013

Survey: More Colleges Hiring Counselors as Demand Rises

By Pam G. Dempsey


(Duration: 3:14)

Brian Guest

In the wake of Sandy Hook and other school shootings of recent years, gun control advocates – and some politicians, including President Obama – have renewed a push for changes to existing gun laws. Yet others say that mental health services, rather than gun reform, should be the focus.

WILL - Illinois Public Media News - December 07, 2012

Champaign Agency to Offer Mental Health Workshop

by Emily Siner

A mental health agency in Champaign is working to reduce the stigma around mental illness, which it says affects about a quarter of American adults every year.

Community Elements Social Worker Linda Culton said the agency will hold a two-day Mental Health First Aid training course next week, where people will learn how to help someone going through a mental health crisis.

"It's a way to debunk so many myths that are out there and to, dare I say, normalize," she said. "You know, we don't always think of normalizing mental illness, but depression and anxiety are mental illnesses, and who hasn't experienced - or who doesn't know someone having problems with - those issues." 

Culton said the organization's first workshop in September received encouraging feedback from participants.

"They loved it,"" she added. ""People used it in conjunction with their work, in conjunction with some of their other community activities. They used it in conjunction with their family members.""

The program includes discussions, film clips, and hands-on activities. It is open to anyone, and especially to those who might know or work with individuals with mental illness -  such as friends and family, police officers, or faith leaders. 

The 12-hour certification course costs $90 and includes lunch both days. It will be held Dec. 13 and 14 at 1801 Fox Drive in Champaign.

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