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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - July 24, 2014 ~ Comment (2)

Urbana Resident Ian Gindes—Professional Concert Pianist/Captain in the Illinois National Guard

By Jason Croft


(Duration: 6:18)

This week, Urbana resident Ian Gindes is in New York to perform as part of the Alexander and Buono Festival of Music. He is a professional concert pianist. He is also a Captain in the Illinois National Guard.

AP - Illinois Public Media News - June 24, 2014 ~ Comment (0)

Judge: No-Fly List Violated Constitutional Rights

By The Associated Press

A federal judge has ruled the U.S. government violated the rights of 13 people on its no-fly list by depriving them of their constitutional right to travel, and gave them no adequate way to challenge their placement on the list.

Categories: Law, Military, Transportation

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