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BBC - Illinois Public Media News - July 06, 2013

Bolivia, Venezuela And Nicaragua Offer Snowden Asylum

By The British Broadcasting Corporation

Edward Snowden

The presidents of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia have indicated their countries could offer political asylum to US fugitive Edward Snowden.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - July 01, 2013

Leak Case Highlights Troubles With Security Clearance Checks

By Brian Naylor


(Duration: 4:12)

Edward Snowden

The case of Edward Snowden has put a spotlight on the large number of people who have security clearances: 5 million people in the United States have been granted the authority to look at classified information.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - June 24, 2013

Where In The World Is Edward Snowden? Still Russia, It Seems

By Mark Memmott

Edward Snowden not on plane

After hours of breathless reporting about how "NSA leaker" Edward Snowden would be getting on a Moscow-to-Havana flight Monday, it seems he did not in fact board the jet for what what was thought to be a step toward asylum in Ecuador.

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