A peregrine falcon takes a protective stance over one of her two chicks on the balcony of a 25th floor apartment on Chicago's Michigan Ave., May 14, 2002. Eleven pairs of wild breeding peregrines live in Illinois in 2003, and are among the anima
(Photo: AP Photo/Charles Bennett)
September 21, 2015

Endangered Species Board Itself Threatened

An email from the then-Director of the Illinois Endangered Species Board earlier this month was sudden and direct. "Funding is being eliminated" and won't be reinstated any time in the foreseeable future,” it read. The email had been sent one of her last days on the job.

Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.
Amanda Vinicky/IPR
September 15, 2015

Durbin’s Lead On Iran Deal Sparks Rumors: What’s Next For Illinois’ Senior U.S. Senator?

Illinois' junior, Republican Senator Mark Kirk -- opposes the nuclear deal with Iran. But the state's senior U.S. Senator Democrat Dick Durbin, has been key in sheparding it through Congress. That's provided grist for the D.C. rumor mill. Durbin is the Senate Democrats' No. 2, what's known as the minority whip. A job at which Durbin excelled when it came to the nuclear agreement. 

The lethal injection room at San Quentin State Prison, completed in 2010.
Public Domain/California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
September 12, 2015

State Senator Says Illinois Should Bring Back The Death Penalty

Alton Democratic state Senator Bill Haine says he plans to file a bill in the coming legislative session that would bring back capital punishment after it was formally abolished in 2011.

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