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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 27, 2009

U of I President Pledges to Kill Admissions Clout List and Set New Admissions Policy

University of Illinois President Joseph White says it's no surprise that the university developed a 'Category I' list politically connected applicants for whom inquiries had been made by trustees and politicians.

But he told the Governor's Admissions Review Commission Monday in Urbana that he'd only recently heard of the list, and intends to kill it. White says flagged applications have been around a long time, but he was surprised that applicants he assumed had been rejected ended up being admitted.

White says the University should now take a leadership position on admissions --- one that bars top administrators from interfering in the admissions process. He says that policy would apply tio anyone above the level of dean, and include the Development and Government Relations offices.

"I think that in a year," says White, "we will know whether conventional wisdom is right, and we've really hurt ourselves in terms of donations and how legislators feel about it, et cetera."

During two hours of testimony... White did not make specific recommendations about the U of I Board of Trustees, some of whom had made inquiries on behalf of applicants.

But in testimony earlier in the day, U of I presidents James Stukel and Stanley Ikenberry both told the commission that the Governor should remove either some or nearly all members of the Board of Trustees. Stukel suggested that Board Chairman Naranjan Shah, trustee Robert Vickery, and former chairman Lawrence Eppley all be removed. Ikenberry suggested that all trustees be removed by Governor Pat Quinn with the exception of Ed McMillan, who was recently appointed by the governor. Quinn would then have the authority to interview and re-appoint trustees at his discretion.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 24, 2009

Unemployment Up in All Illinois Metro Areas

Unemployment has risen in all 12 Illinois metropolitan areas.

Figures released by the state Thursday show the highest jobless rate in June was 14 percent, in the Rockford metro area. That's up from 13.4 percent in May and more than 5 percentage points higher than last June.

Local jobless figures were released one week after the Illinois Department of Employment Security announced the statewide unemployment rate hit a 26-year high 10.3 percent.

Besides Rockford, other metro areas with unemployment rates above 10 percent in June were Chicago-Naperville-Joliet at 11.3 percent, Danville at 10.9 percent, Decatur at 11.3 percent and the Kankakee-Bradley at 11.1 percent.

Here's a look at rates for June and May:<

Metro area June Rate MayRate

Bloomington-Normal: 6.7 6.0

Champaign-Urbana: 7.8 6.7

Chicago-Naperville-Joliet: 11.3 10.7

Danville: 10.9 10.1

Davenport-Moline-Rock Island 7.6 6.9

Decatur: 11.3 10.0

Kankakee-Bradley: 11.1 10.6

Lake-Kenosha: 9.2 8.7

Peoria: 9.6 8.9

Rockford: 14.0 13.4

Springfield: 6.9 6.3

St. Louis (Ill. area): 9.0 8.2


Source: Illinois Department of Employment Security

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 24, 2009

Champaign County to Receive $1.2 Million in Settlement with Firm over Nursing Home Construction Woes

An architectural and engineering firm will pay Champaign County over a million dollars to settle a lawsuit over problems that delayed the opening of the county nursing home. The Champaign County Board approved the settlement Thursday night.

In exchange for the county dropping its lawsuit, the Farnsworth Group will pay $1,225,000 --- including $800,000 to cover the cost of adding booster fans to an underpowered heating-ventilation and air conditioning system at the new nursing home building. The settlement also covers the operating costs for the booster fans, and expenses created by the 1-year delay in opening the nursing home. The Farnsworth Group does not admit any mistakes, and several items it's paying for are listed as "alleged" in the settlement. But the payment satisfies County Board Finance Committee Chairman Brendan McGinty.

"We made back what we considered to be owed to us," says McGinty. "It replenishes our General Corporate Fund at this point, which is dangerously low, as it has been all year. And we get to move on from this particular matter."

The next matter is Champaign County's complaint against general contractor Otto Baum Company, over the use of lumber in the nursing home's construction that was later found to be moldy, requiring expensive cleaning. That case is scheduled to go into binding arbitration next month.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 23, 2009

UI Trustees Ask for Patience in Admissions Scandal

University of Illinois trustees are conducting their own internal review of the influence of money and political power on student admissions.

At the start of their regular meeting in Chicago this morning, trustees said they plan to report their findings soon and offer improved admissions practices they can adopt. Several trustees have appeared this month before the state commission examining admissions at the school's Urbana campus.

Gov. Pat Quinn created the panel after news reports revealed the school maintains a list of politically connected applicants. Some of those applicants gained admission even though they were less qualified than other students who were turned away. The trustees' comment came in the form of a prepared statement.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 22, 2009

University of Illinois Exploring Furlough Days Option

Budget fears have prompted the University of Illinois to draft a furlough policy. Starting August 16th, school leaders will have the authority to require faculty and academic professionals to take unpaid time off. Employees were notified of the action by U of I's President and the chancellors of the Urbana-Champaign, Springfield and Chicago campuses Wednesday. University spokesman Tom Hardy stresses ... officials are not yet declaring furlough days. He says school leaders adopted the new policy as a contingency plan to control costs should U of I face a budget shortfall. He says there's a great deal of uncertainty about how much funding the university will receive from the state.

"We didn't have this tool to be able to deal with controlling costs in an economic or fiscal crisis. Now we have this ability to deal with anything that arises. And deal with it in a way that we see is very common practice now in public and private sectors," says Hardy. Hardy says officials will begin negotiations to create a permanent furlough policy. But the head of a group representing academic professionals at the U of I Urbana campus says she doesn't think that's a good idea. Jenny Barrett of the Association for Academic Professionals says unpaid furlough days should only be a temporary policy at times when the university faces financial risk. She says otherwise, the budget breaking point that would require furloughs could become vague and prone to misue.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 22, 2009

Potential Settlement in Champaign County’s Case Against Nursing Home Contractors

A Champaign County Board vote tomorrow (Thursday) may bring to a partial end to the legal haggling over workmanship at the county nursing home.

The county has been at odds with general contractor Otto Baum and the Farnsworth Group, an architectural firm. But an item added to the county board's agenda today (Wednesday) includes an unspecified settlement with Farnsworth. Board chairman Pius Weibel says if it's approved, the settlement would end the county's legal dispute with Farnsworth, but not with Baum.

"It boils down to the core issues, down to the HVAC system. I can't say much more than that because some of those issues may or may or may not be part of the settlement," Weibel said.

Weibel also wouldn't say if the county is getting money from the proposed settlement or if so, how much. Construction of the new nursing home building was beset by problems, including the faulty heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, and wood used in the construction that was later found to be moldy. The problems delayed the new home's opening by more than a year and cost the county several hundred thousand dollars. The county had settled with a third contractor.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 21, 2009

Campaign Finance Records Show Two Senators Amassing Money

Two state senators from east-central Illinois have built up formidable campaign warchests, though it's not clear what kind of competition they'll face next year.

Democrat Mike Frerichs' campaign fund brought in more than 30 thousand dollars in the first six months of this year, according to required reports filed with the state board of elections. Most of that funding came from political action committees. Republican Dale Righter raised about the same amount from PACs in that time period, along with another 40 thousand from individuals and corporations. Righter also transferred nearly 270 thousand dollars from a checking account, giving his campaign fund a total of nearly 300 thousand dollars, after a 30 thousand dollar contribution to the state GOP senate campaign committee. Frerich's' warchest stands at about 123 thousand. Both are up for re-election in 2010.

Incumbent state representatives have raised much less money - 103rd district Democrat Naomi Jakobsson reports having raised 13-hundred dollars in the first half of the year from two PACs, while Republican Bill Black in the 104th district raised two thousand. Republican Chapin Rose in the 110th District brought in only about 250 dollars.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 21, 2009

UI Trustee Faces Questions Over Future Son-in-Law’s Hiring

A University of Illinois trustee expected to face scrutiny today over admissions now may hear questions about how his son-in-law landed a six-figure job with the school.

The Chicago Tribune reports that trustee Niranjan Shah used his position in 2007 to help find his then-future son-in-law a job. Shah says he encouraged the university to hire Maarten de Jeu after he graduated first in his MBA class at Oxford University.

University Chancellor Richard Herman says the school created a $115,000 job for de Jeu in a business-consulting office. He left the university after 10 months. That's six months after he married Shah's daughter. Shah is scheduled to appear this afternoon before the commission examining the admission of politically connected applicants at the university.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 21, 2009

Urbana City Council Approves Funding Agreements for Federal Social Service Grants

Nearly half a million dollars in federal funds will go to local social service agencies, under agreements approved by the Urbana City Council Monday night. Council members quickly approved 13 grant agreements drawing from the city's share of federal Housing and Urban Development money.

John Schneider runs Urbana's Grants Management program. He says the 495-thousand dollars in grants reflects increases in some areas and decreases in others. But Schneider says they money never keeps up with the need.

"It seems like, as in every year, it's really never enough to fund all the agencies that need funding," says Schneider. "There'll always be an ever-increasing demand, because there's an ever-increasing number of people requiring social services."

The programs to be funded by the grants include transitional housing for the homeless, financial aid for people with AIDS and HIV, a shelter for runaway and homeless youth and construction of affordable but super-energy efficient home prototypes.

Monday night's approval of agreements for the federal grants is part of an annual process that begins each winter. Schneider says Urbana is the lead agency for housing grants that also cover Champaign and unincorporated Champaign County. But he says the other social service grants focus on Urbana --- Schneider says the Champaign City Council and Rantoul Village Board make their own decisions on grants aimed directly at their communities.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - July 19, 2009

Illinois Governor Visits Troops In Iraq

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he's impressed with the soldiers he met while on a surprise weekend trip to Kuwait and Iraq.

Quinn made the trip along with four other American governors. He says the Department of Defense invited him on the Middle East trip. He says he met with members of the Illinois National Guard and Illinois members of the Marines.

Quinn says at one point the dignitaries had a town hall-style meeting with soldiers, who asked about military equipment, education and the state of the American economy. The governor says soldiers want to know what the economy will be like when they get home.

Aides for Quinn say for security reasons they could not release where the governor was traveling next or when he would return to Illinois.

Quinn said he previously visited Iraq in 2004.

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