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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - April 04, 2013

A Political War Brews Over ‘Food for Peace’ Aid Program

By Dan Charles


(Duration: 4:31)

Pakistani aid workers offload USAID food supplies from an Army helicopter in Kallam Valley during catastrophic flooding in 2010.

Washington is awash in rumors this week that the White House is planning major changes in the way that the U.S. donates food to fight hunger in some of the world's poorest countries.

AP - Illinois Public Media News - March 16, 2013

Pope Francis Wants Church for the Poor

By The Associated Press

Pope Francis

Pope Francis offered intimate insights Saturday into the moments after his election, telling journalists that he was immediately inspired to take the name of St. Francis of Assisi because of his work for peace and the poor — and that he himself would like to see "a poor church and a church for the poor."

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