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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - September 09, 2013

Net Neutrality In Court: Here’s What You Need To Know

By Elise Hu

The future of the Internet is at stake in a case before a D.C. court.

The beauty of the Internet — and the reason for its ubiquitous place in our lives — is that just about anyone can use it to offer services, products or information. But the link between what's out there on the Internet, how fast it gets to us and how much data can get to us is dependent on Internet service providers and the rules that govern them. That's where things get thorny for the principle of net neutrality.

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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - September 05, 2013

Reports: NSA Has Keys To Most Internet Encryption

By Eyder Peralta

National Security Agency

The National Security Agency has the keys to most Internet encryption methods and it has gotten them by using supercomputers to break them and by enlisting the help of private IT companies, The New York Times and The Guardian are reporting.

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