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NPR - Illinois Public Media News - May 05, 2014

Drone Journalism Can’t Fully Take Flight Until Regulators Act

By Elise Hu


(Duration: 4:34)

Matt Waite (standing at right) leads the Drone Journalism Lab at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

What was once experimental is now becoming more common: Journalists and photographers are increasingly putting small commercial drones in the air to shoot photo and video. But when they do, they're on shaky legal ground. Federal regulators currently prohibit drone use for commercial purposes — including reporting — as they work to write longer term guidelines on who can fly small drones, and where.

WILL - Illinois Public Media News - May 05, 2014

911 Call Centers Struggle As People Ditch Landlines

By Ryan Weber


(Duration: 0:52)

As more people ditch their landline phones for cell phones, 911 call centers are struggling to maintain services. That is because wireless phone lines in Illinois are often taxed at a lower rate than landlines. There’s a push to change that rate.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - May 05, 2014

Learning A New Skill Works Best To Keep Your Brain Sharp

By Laura Silverman


(Duration: 5:10)

Seniors who learned more difficult skills like digital photography and Photoshop showed the greatest improvement in memory.

Brain training is big business, with computerized brain games touted as a way to help prevent memory loss. But new research shows you might be better off picking up a challenging new hobby.

NPR - Illinois Public Media News - April 29, 2014

Supreme Court Considers Limits On Warrantless Cellphone Searches

By Nina Totenberg


(Duration: 6:44)

In a case that reaches into almost every American's pocket or purse, the U.S. Supreme Court struggled Tuesday to adapt modern technology to traditional legal rules. At issue was whether police can search cellphones without obtaining a warrant at the time of an arrest.

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