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AP - Illinois Public Media News - January 03, 2013

Indiana Lawmaker Wants Lord’s Prayer in Schools

Story by The Associated Press

A Republican state senator is pushing for Indiana’s public school students to start the school day by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Senate education committee chairman Dennis Kruse of Auburn has filed legislation that would let school districts require the prayer to be recited, but would also grant broad exemptions.

The measure might have little chance of winning approval since the Senate’s leader has assigned it to the rules committee, which rarely advances bills.

But it’s part of a broader push by Kruse and other lawmakers to put religion in Indiana’s public schools.

Kruse sponsored a bill last year seeking to allow schools to teach creationism, the belief that life was created as described in the Bible. This year, he’s seeking to allow questioning by teachers of scientific principles like evolution.

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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - January 03, 2013

After C-section, Bloomington Couple Opts for Home Birth

By Kimberlie Kranich
Amy and Ben Russell of Towanda welcome their daughter, Katie, who was delivered at home with a certified nurse midwife.

After having a traumatic Cesarean section delivery of her first child, Parker, in 2008, 29-year-old Amy Russell of Bloomington, a farm manager at Soy Capital, was in counseling for posttraumatic stress disorder.  She rebounded and got connected with a local chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network when expecting baby number two, a girl named Rachel.  Rachel was a successful vaginal birth born in the hospital in 2010.

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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - January 02, 2013

Home Birth is Planned Gathering of Friends & Family for Towanda Couple

By Kimberlie Kranich
Abbey and Mike Fish at home in Towanda.

When 27-year-old Abbey Fish of Towanda had her first baby, Shane, in 2007, she didn’t know much about birth. Like most women, she went to the hospital to deliver. There she was given an epidural to ease her pain and the drug Pitocin to induce labor. All common hospital practices. After Shane was born, she did not see him for 12 hours because he was considered distressed.

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AP - Illinois Public Media News - January 02, 2013

Ill. Senate Returns Wednesday to Wrap Up Session

Story by The Associated Press

The Illinois Senate returns to the Capitol on Wednesday to begin a weeklong legislative session that could take up pension reform, legalizing gay marriage and banning assault rifles.

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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - January 01, 2013

Champaign Dad Delivers Daughter in Planned Home Birth with Help from Internet

By Kimberlie Kranich
Baby Clementine, daughter of Rebecca Butler and Tom Sheehan of Champaign.

Rebecca Butler, 34, and Tom Sheehan, 50, of Champaign wanted their daughter, Clementine, to be born at home. Rebecca's two other daughters, Sage and Lotus, were hospital births. Both were stressful and out-of-control experiences for Rebecca.

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WILL - Illinois Public Media News - December 27, 2012

Schools Gear Up for Multi-State Earthquake Drill

"More than 160 schools in Illinois, including South Side Elementary in Effingham, will participate in a multi-state earthquake drill next February. 

During the "Great Central U.S. ShakeOut," residents of nine states - Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma - will practice the recommended "Drop, Cover and Hold On" protective actions. Participants will drop to the floor, take cover under sturdy furniture and hold on to it until the hypothetical shaking stops.

South Side Elementary's first- and second-grade students participate in earthquake drill once or twice a year, said Principal Amy Niebrugge.

"We present it as: We practice, just like, to become a better reader, we practice; to become better as a sport, we practice," she said. "So, for a drill, we're just practicing, so we know what to do."

Plus, students get to be a part of an event that has attracted nearly 640 schools from the region.

"I think it will be neat for the students to be involved in something that will be on the news," she said.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is encouraging residents to sign up for the drill and read about disaster relief."

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