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Illinois Public Radio - Illinois Public Media News - April 15, 2014 ~ Comment (0)

Charter Schools: The Fix Ailing Districts Need?

By Rachel Otwell

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Students at Ball Charter School in Springfield, Ill.

Nearly two decades ago when the state legislature paved the way for charter schools, Republicans were in control and touted them as an innovative way to improve education by removing many rules and regulations. Now there are about 145 charter school campuses across the state, the vast majority in Chicago. Supporters say they are the change an ailing education system needs, but it is a contentious topic.

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Harvest Public Media - Illinois Public Media News - April 14, 2014 ~ Comment (0)

Vertical Farming: Towering Vision, Uncertain Future

The story was produced for Harvest Public Media, a collaboration of public broadcasting stations in the Midwest covering food and agriculture issues.

By Peter Gray

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Large banks of fluorescent lamps provide the spectrum of light that keeps the floating beds of plants alive year-round in The Plant Chicago, a vertical farming facility.

Farmers are making inroads supplying local food to hungry city foodies, but many producers are trying to grow more food in urban centers. City real estate is at a premium, so some producers are finding more space by using what’s called “vertical farming,” and going up rather than spreading out.

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