Rauner: “Education Bureaucracy” Standing In Way Of Education

January 30, 2015
Gov. Rauner outlines what he calls "education bureaucracy" in a speech in Champaign on Thursday.

Gov. Rauner outlines what he calls "education bureaucracy" in a speech in Champaign on Thursday.

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Illinois has more than 850 school districts and over 13,000 school administrators in its K-12 system. Gov. Bruce Rauner says those numbers are bloat to the system and is calling for a paring down of what he calls "education bureaucracy."

In a speech to business leaders in Champaign yesterday (THURSDAY), the governor said not enough of the state's tax dollars that are funneled to education are actually making it to the classroom.

Rauner campaigned on letting the state's temporary income tax hike sunset while also promising to increase funding for schools. Now that the state is facing a $9 billion budget gap next year, Rauner says his administration is working on a "package" of ideas for education funding...but wouldn't provide specifics.

"'Cause the real answer to every challenge we've got is a booming economy, creating great careers and outstanding education," he said. "If we do those two things well over the next four years, all of our other problems begin to be dealt with very effectively."

Most levels of this "bureaucracy" in the state's education system aren't under Rauner's direct control; local school districts would have to vote themselves to consolidate or dissolve. Hiring administrators is up to budgetary discretion of individual school systems. Under the state's constitution, however, the governor can rearrange state agencies, like the three dedicated to education.

Story source: WILL

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