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U of I Engineering Prof Among ‘Genius’ Grant Winners

U of I Civil Engineer Tami Bond, one of 21 MacArthur Foundation 'genius' grants

U of I Civil Engineer Tami Bond, one of 21 MacArthur Foundation 'genius' grants (MacArthur Foundation)

The list of 21 recipients of ‘genius’ grants from the MacArthur Foundation includes U of I Environmental Engineer Tami Bond, who looks at the effects of black carbon emissions on human health.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor and other MacArthur Fellows each receive $625-thousand over a five-year period.

MacArthur says Bond has working to unravel the global effects of black carbon emissions on climate and human health, and to comprehensively understand how energy interfaces with the atmosphere.  

According the Foundation, black carbon, or soot, is created essentially any time something is burned - from diesel engines and agricultural burning to home heating and cooking - and varies considerably by source.  Yet traditionally, large-scale global climate models have worked with rough estimations and little fidelity at the source level.

The 50 year old professor came to the U of I in 2003.  Prior to that, she was a visiting scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. 

Bond also did post-doctoral research at the NOAA-Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratories.  Her degrees including a doctorate from the University of Washington. 

Prior honors include a National Science Foundation Career Grant. 

Grants also went to Northwestern University Materials Scientist Mark Hersam, and Tara Zahra, a Historian of Modern Europe based at the University of Chicago.

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