Support WILL during our 100 New Friends February

Has WILL become a bigger part of your life than you realized? Become a new Friend today!

During the month of February, Illinois Public Media is seeking 100 New Friends who will support great public media in central Illinois. Perhaps you are new to the region or you have been meaning to make a gift. As a U of I employee, you can sign up to make your donation via payroll deduction. A gift of just $5 each month makes a huge difference!

To encourage you, several existing Friends of WILL have created a special challenge fund. For every new Friend in February*, they will make a donation of $60. So your gift goes farther this month!

As a special thank you, every U of I staff member who signs up as a new donor this month will get a special gift, a canvas tote bag with the pictured design. Sign up here to start your monthly gift.

If you are an existing member, please help us get the word out about our 100 New Friends campaign. If a new member lists your name as a referrer we’ll send you our thank you gift as well. So spread the word about supporting WILL to your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors.

*This challenge is for the first 100 New Members only. For the purposes of this promotion a new member is anyone who has not made a donation in the last 24 months.

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