Community Advisory Committee

group photo of WILL Community Advisory Committee

WILL Community Advisory Committee Photo by Michael O. Thomas

The WILL Community Advisory Committee helps gather information and opinions about community issues and needs; helps heighten community awareness of WILL and its services; advocates for broad-based support of WILL; identifies and encourages new sources of funding for specific projects to improve or expand service to the community; and reviews and advises on legislation designed to improve the quality of public telecommunications.

First row L-R: Candice Underhill, Joan Friedman, Maxine Kaler, Lori Williamson, Jan Mandernach, Kathy Munday, Joe Lewis

Second row L-R: Ken Buel, Gregory Ray, Susan Adams, Belinda De La Rosa, Allan Penwell, George Richards, Bob Swires

Third row L-R: Steve Rugg, John Adams, Jon Dietrich, Dave Krchak, Ritchie Barnett, Dave Grothe

Not pictured:  Tyler Beard, Bill Black, Geoff Merritt

Community Advisory Committee meeting dates, 2014:

September 10, 2014
December 10, 2014
March 11, 2015
June 10, 2015

Contacting the Community Advisory Committee

IPM Community Advisory Committee members may be contacted via this e-mail address: