March 12, 2013

Arthur Cronkhite on Gun Rights

Hello, my name is Arthur Cronkhite.

Once again, we debate our personal rights, granted in the second amendment of our Constitution. Although the courts have assured our right to possess guns, the debate now centers on the slippery slope in what kind of guns.

This recent debate, was the result of the Sandy Hook event - that to-date, has many questions still outstanding, un-asked by today’s media. One example of our media’s neglect, is the lack of reporting that handguns and not an “assault” rifle, was used at Sandy Hook.

A highly-suspect, under-reporting, especially when you consider that today’s media, on average, has aired, pro-gun-control reports at a ratio of 8 to 1. And the 1 - many times, is a lackluster, poorly delivered, and/or negative example of gun ownership.

But the greatest omission and probably best example of our media’s complicity, is the silence, surrounding a singular common factor in the vast majority of school and public shootings, that of; Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors – referred to as SSRI drugs.

There have been nearly 2 dozen international warnings, concerning this class of psychotropic prescription drugs, whose side effects include; mania, psychosis, aggression, violence, suicidal and homicidal ideation. Drugs that most of the shooters had been on, and were on, at the time of their attacks.

As one of the media’s largest advertisers and biggest political campaign contributors, the Pharmaceutical industry, has little desire for Americans to contemplate that their drugs might be part of the problem.

So, to make it appear that mental health issues are being properly addressed, debate has focused on the need for “more” mental health, which in today’s Psychiatric practice that does less talk therapy and more pill prescription, means more psychotic drugs to more people and therefore higher profits.

Until we demand greater accountability of our media and honesty from our politicians, this kind of subversive Orwellian farce will continue, as our liberties are further challenged. And is “the” primary reason why ammunition is in short supply and some guns are difficult to keep in stock.

Recent statistics show that some 325 people died by rifles while at the some time, 450 died falling out of bed. So for what possible reason would certain politicians, continue to lie about an assault rifle being used at Sandy Hook, with a focused effort, against high capacity magazines? I can tell you why!

For the statement rarely made and the reason seldom given, is that assault rifles and high capacity magazines are “most coveted” not for hunting or home protection, but are “the” guardian-device against tyranny. Because without them, “we the people”, would no longer be a potential threat to bad governance, as our founding fathers intended and admonished - - us all to be.

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