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WILL - The Public Square - September 25, 2009

The Eastern Illinois Foodbank Hunger Symposium at the Champaign Public Library on Monday, September

The Eastern Illinois Foodbank Hunger Symposium at the Champaign Public Library on Monday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m.
The Eastern Illinois Foodbank Hunger Symposium at the Champaign Public Library on Monday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m.


The Eastern Illinois Foodbank Hunger Symposium at the Champaign Public Library on Monday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m.

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WILL - The Public Square - September 04, 2009

DJ Weidler on a fundraiser for the Adopt-A-Family Program of the Secretariat

In 2008, The Secretariat adopted a family in need through the Faculty Staff Assistance Program. That adoption was such a success that we hope to duplicate it this year, but we need your help!

The Secretariat Philanthropy Committee is pleased to announce our first fundraiser! All proceeds will be used to help a family in need through our Adopt-A-Family program this winter.

Do you love mums? Well do we have a deal for you! You buy the plants you (or a loved one) enjoys and the proceeds from your purchase will help a family in need this winter during the holiday season.

Payment must be received by our office no later than Friday, September 11, 2009 to include your order. Mail order form and check made out to The Secretariat:

The Secretariat Mum Sale c/o Tammy Montgomery ISGS 615 E. Peabody Dr., MC-650 Champaign, IL 61820

Pickup will be Friday, September 18 at 4:00-6:00 PM on the loading dock of the Medical Sciences Building located at 506 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana, IL. The loading dock is in the rear of the building. Enter from Goodwin Avenue (across the street from Krannert).

If you have questions, please contact us at dweidler at or 217.244.9724.

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WILL - The Public Square - July 10, 2009

Tracy Satterthwaite on live music at Kickapoo State Park

This summer WILL is sponsoring the live music held at Kickapoo Landing in Kickapoo State Park. One of the visitors to the Landing called it "a little slice of heaven". They were referring to the fact that they could sit at a picnic table overlooking a beautiful lake, watch the swans, geese and canoes as they float by, enjoy their friends and listen to the music being played by a live local band.

The Tuesday and Friday night music has become a tradition for many people. This started out seven years ago when a group called "Strings Attached" played music over Labor Day as part of a bunch of family events planned for the weekend. They were so well received that they were scheduled to play once a month the next year. Other bands heard about this new venue and began asking if they could play. This has evolved into twice a week music concerts often attended by 200 people or more.

When the park was slated to be closed last year, these "regulars" became some of the most vocal protesters. It has become a family and community that no one wants to lose.

Come join us this Friday, July 10th (tonight?) from 5:30-7:30 as WILL helps bring Strings Attached back to The Landing. Kickapoo State Park is just west of Danville and 25 miles east of Champaign-Urbana on I-74. If you have questions call the Landing at 217-446-8399. That's 217-446-8399. Hope to see you there.

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WILL - The Public Square - April 24, 2009

Magnolia Cook on the clean-up of a toxic site at 5th and Hill Streets in Champaign

Hello, my name is Magnolia Cook and I am a member of the 5th and Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign, a grassroots citizen action group advocating for the full clean-up of the toxic site at 5th and Hill Streets in Champaign, The site was contaminated by a former manufactured gas plant that is now owned by AmerenIP. The contamination from coal tar waste left behind after the plant closed over 50 years ago has spread toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as benzene, cyanide, and lead into the soil and groundwater. I have lived in the 5th and Hill neighborhood with my husband and children for over 40 years. As a resident of the neighborhood, I am outraged that the Champaign City Council is refusing to repeal an ordinance that is letting Ameren off the hook for not cleaning up the contaminated groundwater that is flowing through my neighborhood.

The 5th and Hill neighborhood is a predominantly low-income, African American community that has been historically neglected by the city. For years, our community has had serious infrastructure and flooding problems, which we believe further spread the contamination through toxic groundwater that enters our homes and basements, exposing our families to toxic vapors.

We are all very concerned about the health and safety of our families and community, but for some reason those who should be looking out for our health, namely the IL EPA and the Champaign City Council, are ignoring our pleas and neglecting our neighborhood just like they always have. I find it hard to believe that if this toxic site was located in a wealthy, white neighborhood such as Cherry Hills, the city would allow Ameren to get away with leaving the contaminated groundwater in place, especially if the Cherry Hills resident were speaking out like we are. This is just one more example of how our neighborhood's problems and concerns have been largely ignored by the City, and I am tired of wondering if the color of my skin has anything to do with the environmental neglect of my neighborhood. It is time we call this what it really is...environmental racism.

Please join with us in calling on the Champaign City Council to repeal the ordinance that lets Ameren leave the contaminated groundwater in my neighborhood.

Thank you.

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WILL - The Public Square - April 17, 2009

Lynn Wolgamat of Keep Vermilion County Beautiful on Clean-Up Day at Kickapoo State Park

Hundreds rallied last year to save Kickapoo State Park near Danville from closing. What a victory! Because of those efforts, more than 1 million people will get to enjoy Kickapoo State Park again this year.

Kickapoo State Park is home to a 2,800-acre playground that includes mountain biking, camping, hiking, hunting, bird watching, scuba diving, fishing, skating, sledding and picnicking. Kickapoo Park is a great place to spend time with others, alone or as a family.

What are you doing on Saturday, April 25th?

Your help is needed to help clean up the park for all to enjoy.

Hello, my name is Lynn Wolgamat of Keep Vermilion County Beautiful. In partnership with WILL and the Great American Cleanup, Keep Vermilion County Beautiful is sponsoring clean up day at Kickapoo State Park in Oakwood on Saturday, April 25th from 8am until 1pm. You may have seen the announcement on WILL-TV or heard about it on WILL radio.

On April 25th, we're looking for hundreds of people to help plant trees, cut back walking trails, pick up litter and clear the ponds and river of garbage. Gloves and bags will be provided for the clean-up. Kickapoo Landing will provide canoes to adults who want to participate in the river clean-up. Lunch is free for everyone who helps. Last year 140 people participated. With your help, we can double or even triple that number.

If you are interested in cleaning up Kickapoo Park on Saturday, April 25th, please contact Jason at 443-6803. That's Jason at 443-6803. Or visit the WILL website for more information at That's Look for the article "Volunteer for Clean-Up Day at Kickapoo."

Clean-up day at Kickapoo State Park is a partnership between Keep Vermilion County Beautiful and WILL.

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