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Back at the end of the swinging sixties, we had a groovy idea — to expand people’s minds to the breaking point.

Do you remember when TV and radio were young?

Do you remember the days when radio and television could be anything?

You know…fill the minds of children to the brim with exciting ways to connect with numbers and literacy…expose whole generations to wonderful new worlds of music, theatre and the arts…bring incredibly diverse cultures right into the living rooms of millions of homes…and deliver truly unbiased news programs free from commercial or political influence.

Public television and radio brought that groovy idea to life.

And you brought that idea to life, too…through your generous and frequent gifts to Illinois Public Media.

You have been a media pioneer for many years, my friend. Thank you!

Keep the idea alive…forever.

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Mind Expansion

1 Develop the minds of preschoolers with award-winning, research-based shows like Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, WordWorld...

2 Expose whole generations to wonderful new worlds of music, theater, the arts and drama through Great Performances and classical music on FM 90.9...

3 Bring lifelong learning into the living rooms (and kitchens!) of millions of homes with shows like Nova, Rick Steves’ Europe, America’s Test Kitchen...

4 Deliver truly unbiased news programs free from commercial or political influence, with Charlie Rose, PBS NewsHour, Nightly Business Report, Washington Week, Morning Edition and All Things Considered...

5 Make a gift in your will to Illinois Public Media. Add your name to our exclusive Forever Wall in Friends Plaza outside Campbell Hall.. The Forever Wall honors all those staunch supporters who help protect and inspire education, community engagement, and lifelong learning ... by making a charitable gift in their wills to Illinois Public Media.