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7 pm Thursdays

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Answering Questions from Gardeners Across Region 5

Each week, host Dianne Noland and a panel of experts answer viewer questions about lawn and garden care. Because they share advice that's tailored to Illinois growing conditions, the information is always what you need to know, when you need to know it.

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When “PBS” Isn’t PBS (Part 1)

Among my (many) pet peeves: journalists who can’t tell the difference between “PBS” and “public television.” Every once in a while, I read a news article that cites “PBS officials” when talking about people who in no way work for the Public Broadcasting Service. I get that the U.S. public broadcast industry is complex, and that PBS is its most well-known brand, but it’s the job of reporters to clarify, not to further confuse. So, allow me to give it a whirl.

Unlike Disney, Comcast or Fox, the U.S. public television system isn’t a megalithic media conglomerate. It’s not even a network. It’s a loose collective of noncommercial, educational licensees operating more than 350 stations. And while the familiar “P-head” PBS logo is for many the face of that system, PBS is only part of the picture.

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