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Answering Questions from Gardeners Across Region 5

Each week, host Dianne Noland and a panel of experts answer viewer questions about lawn and garden care. Because they share advice that's tailored to Illinois growing conditions, the information is always what you need to know, when you need to know it.

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A Voyage of (Re)discovery

Last night, the FOX network aired the first installment of its much-ballyhooed remake of Cosmos, the PBS science miniseries co-written and presented by astrophysicist Carl Sagan. It received decent audience numbers, averaging 5.79 million viewers according to Nielsen’s overnight measurements and coming in third among the broadcast networks. It was simulcast across nine other Fox-owned channels, so the final viewership should be higher, especially once DVR watching is factored in. (Updated: Hollywood Reporter wrote that the overnight ratings across all 10 channels came to 8.5 million, which they term "a modest haul, given the scope of the launch." Still, that should increase further over the week given repeat airings and DVR usage.)

So, good for science. Good for FOX. My question for the latter is this: what will you do next?

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